C.R.A.F.T. # 63: Party Decor

Last post [i promise!] about the surprise party fiesta for  
Rachelle’s 27th Birthday!

Here are some simple ideas to spruce up for any party…for free :)

#1: Picture collage of the guest of honor!
I painted some wooden sticks…
[I used a wine cork to make the big circles, and the end of the of the paintbrush to make little dots]

  then, I taped pictures I had of her and our friends! 
I clipped them together in some of my giant clothespins…

If you don’t have giant clothes pins laying around you could put your sticks in a vase/ bucket/ any container with rocks/ sand :)

#2: Surprise sign & flowers
[used my very handy adhesive card stock and wrote surprise…the dowel is leftover from another project, but can be purchased at Hobby Lobby for 25 cents!]
 I bought the white daisy’s [i think they are daisy’s?]at HEB for $4 and then added some
colorful blooms from around my complex for free :)

#3: Candy Jar!

[Who doesn’t love some mixed candy at your fingertips…this a staple at my house… I just moved it to a more central location for the party a n d had to fill it up!]

#4: Homemade giant birthday card
[she wanted to go down a year, instead of up…we celebrated her second 25th birthday!]

I had everyone sign the card before she came…

the inside says,” I hope you birthday was purrrr- fect”….and I drew a little stick cat!
[I am not an artist… see for yourself!]

Here are a few more pictures of the f u n :)
candle blowing…
cake cutting…

the guests :)


  1. Looks like so much fun- you just went all out- adding those little touches! Maybe you wonder if people even notice but I have been places/functions and HAVE noticed those smaller things…

    Love your painted sticks! They were such a cute idea to display photos!

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