C.R.A.F.T. # 48: Desk Addition

I recently made over my office desk
it still needed a little something,
so here’s what I did… I used wall decals to spruce it up!

The wall decals are from IKEA and I used the leftover decals from my canvas art, and a can of paint is left over from painting the walls in the MP room.
1: Paint stickers yellow
2: Let dry and paint multiple times
3: Peel stickers off very carefully
4: Use scissors to make sticker look nice, trim the attached paint
5: Stick to piece of furniture
6: Buy peice of glass
I had a 48in. x 28in rectangle of 1/4 in. glass for $63.00

What do you think? You like the desk addition? Have you ever used wall decals for non wall projects? I’d love to hear…


  1. Visiting from Funky Junk — love the painted sticker idea!! Much better than stencils :)

  2. Love the design! The perfect little touch for your desk! Cool Blue too! Hope you have a great weekend!~ Stephanie Lynn

  3. Cute I love how you painted the stickers great idea!!!

  4. Love that! It looks so cute. Makes you want to work longer.

  5. What a beautiful addition. I love the colors.

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  6. Super cute!! I love that you didn't over do it, it's so simple! Great job

  7. Very cute and creative. The sticker is such a great idea1

  8. Saw you at Backyard Eden. I love the little detail the decals add! I never would have considered painting them! And I really like that you only did it in one corner. It's such a sweet detail. Great job! And I'm a new follower! Come by and check me out sometime.


  9. I like the gray and yellow color combination

  10. Great idea!

  11. This is such a fantastic idea!! I always see stickers I love but not the color…great solve!


  12. Great idea! : )

  13. Very cute! It makes a nice addition to the desk! Some whimsy is always fun!

  14. very sweet desk… Just the right touch! Lezlee

  15. The stickers add the perfect touch to your fabulous desk! I never thought of painting stickers! Very creative! Fantastic job – looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  16. What a fab redo! I love the color you chose and the cute little branch!

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  17. Is your chair plastic? Where did you get it?

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