C.R.A.F.T. #28: Bathroom Organization

I live in a small space.  

My bathroom has one cabinet under the sink, these 2 shelves, and a medicine cabinet.  I have to use my space wisely and create some storage solutions…

1: Glass vases and a candle holder from Good Will have organized my hair brushes, cotton balls, and q-tips.
2: I repainted the little 4 drawer box (also from Good Will)  a lovely white..this holds my bobby pins, tweezers, hair bands, and leftover jewelry. 
3: The wicker baskets hold my hairdryer, straightener, and headbands.
4: There was no room in the bathroom for perfume, so instead of hiding them under the sink…I decided to bring them to my dresser for easy access (I let my deodorant live up there too!)


  1. Great idea. I use the same principle in my laundry room:http://diydesignfanatic.blogspot.com/2010/03/laundry-room.html

    I only have 2 small cabinets in my laundry room so I added 3 large cute baskets on top of my washer & dryer for more storage.

  2. Fun Blog! Thanks for sharing…baskets are great!

  3. Thank you. http://www.Better-Bath.com has some good ideas too.

  4. Great organizing ideas for a small space. I love baskets! I think you should leave the pretty perfume bottles out too. They look great on the dresser. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. I hope to see you back again

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