C.R.A.F.T. #12 Recycled Tree

I used to have 7 ft. tall, live tree next to the couch but, it died :( I realized this spot in my home does not get enough light, so I decided to craft up a little tree that won’t die. I also like it because I can decorate it up for different holidays. The little tree has its winter birds nesting at the moment. What can adorn the tree for spring time?

How to make the recycled tree:
1: Collect dead branches and rocks at the park
2: Stick the branches in a vase and pour the rocks in
3: Arrange the branches however you like them, and make the tree festive

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  1. Origami folded flowers strung to the branches would look great for spring. Tye-Dye the paper with water colors first to give it a punch of brightness. You can easily search for videos on Youtube on how to make a variety of flowers out of paper.

  2. Trevor, Thank you for the fun ideas! I am checking out you tube right now… Thanks for sharing :)

  3. great idea with the branches…always looking for things to do with nature…also found some very cool oragami butterflies…ect.. on u tube…

  4. This is a great idea and so versatile throughout the seasons…and such an easy project to manage! :) TFS

    This reminded me of a tree I made when we lived in a house with an extremely high ceiling. There was a corner of wasted space that needed something really large and I could not afford anything that would accommodate the space. So I lucked upon a 7' gorgeous Crepe Myrtle tree someone had cut down, and found a huge container that I filled with cement for stability. Once the cement cured, and the tree was secure, I drilled literally dozens of holes along the trunk and various limbs, then hot-glued stems of Eucalyptus into these holes. It not only looked incredible, it smelled sooo good! :) Everyone who visited commented on it and I ended up making some extra bucks by selling smaller versions at craft shows. Just another idea for us crafters! 😉

  5. Im going to do this but use paper flowers.:)


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