C.R.A.F.T. #10: Chinese New Year

We had a little Chinese New Year dinner party last night. I made red “lanterns” and Chinese themed streamers. The red “lanterns” could be used for so many other crafts…I really want to make a giant snowman! The card stock spheres make any party festive. Happy year of the tiger!——

Chinese new year decorations

How to make the paper spheres:
1: Cut cardstock into 8-15 strips of any width you like. I did some spheres that used 1/2 in. strips and some spheres that used 1 in. strips.
2: Punch holes in both sides of each strip.
3: Put a brad through each end of your stacked strips.
Chinese New Year


4: Spread the pieces of card stock out and form your sphere. Attach any kind of string and hang ’em up everywhere!
Chinese New Year
Red spheres are good for lots of things.┬áChinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas to name a few. Read more about our time in China and the crazy awesome fireworks that happen in China during the New Year celebration.


Chinese New Year


  1. Those are cool, and they look great there! thanks for stopping by… here's the link to my son's cooking party:



  2. You asked about the bag on my blog and the pattern is available in my etsy shop. It is made by Melissa of thepolkadotchair.blogspot.com Thanks, Traci

  3. Hi Im fairly new & so mannnnny Blog. etc.Love the sphere's Im making some in Easter colors etc. Mother Day too. All for me, hubby & adult son. Thanks for sharing

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