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I’ve had an internal dilemma with my business card situation for a long time now. After all, the name of the blog is Creating Really Awesome Free Things, and what better way to represent my brand then to Create Really Awesome Free business cards out of things like paint chips, coffee sleeves, or my all time fave, cereal boxes. But, I’m attending 3 conferences this year: BlissDom, Snap, and Alt Summit NYC, plus I go to as many local blogger meet ups as possible… and it is crazy town to try and think I can make business cards for 3 conferences and still have a life. I broke down and bought some, and I’m pretty dang happy I did. Of course I wanted them to be awesome and represent what C.R.A.F.T. stands for, so I enlisted some rock stars: Rachel from Lines Across to do the actual designing and for the printing. Here she is:

Jamie Dorobek C.R.A.F.T.


I know people’s blogs by the headers. True story. I remember pictures way better then names. So, I decided I needed my header on the business card. But just sticking the header up there seemed boring, why not have the whole computer and get the C.R.A.F.T. experience on the card, ha! Rachel nailed the design I had brewing in my head! So, one of the great things about is that you can use 4 different designs for the price of one. I used the above design as my front and Rachel made 4 different versions of the back. Check it out:

Business Card CRAFTAnd here is another version:

business cards 4


Whaddya think? Fun, right? goes above and beyond with their packaging too.  I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about the little business card holder that came free with my order, cute huh? And free! And super handy!

Business Card CRAFT


The design process with Rachel was fun! Here are a few of the early stage designs. We didn’t change a ton about the front of the card. We made the url pop at the bottom, changed the profile pic, and added a cute little icon for Austin, TX. That’s about it!

Business Card CRAFT

What do you do for business cards? Oh yea, and if you need business card design, I highly recommend Rachel, email her at linesacross at gmail . com! Did you find it tough trying to choose what social media networks to put on the card? I’m sad that google + still has crazy town urls. I mean there is no way I can add this to my b card: ! What conferences are you attending this year? Have you ever used   I’d love to hear…


  1. Great cards! I can’t wait to get one when we meet at Alt Summit!

  2. Moo cards are fantastic…yours came out terrific!

  3. I went through Moo also.Love the quality! I am going to SNAP and Haven

  4. Just Love your new cards!!

  5. I LOVE these! I need some new business cards myself.

  6. These are fantastic!! When I think brand, just the image or logo for a business card comes to mind. But you take it to the next step by the way you interact with the card emphasizes your brand, too! Awesome, creative, & inspiring!

  7. Those are so pretty! I totally agree about recognizing blogs by the header. I remember at haven last year that people would introduce themselves and hand me their card, and I wouldn’t really remember their blog until I saw the branding on the business card, then the lightbulb went on. Great idea. They are beautiful!

  8. I already said it on FB, but I really LOVE these! I think they’re perfect…and I hope to get one at SNAP! :)

  9. Cute!

  10. These are really great. I’ve been thinking about getting some for myself, even though I really have no need yet, since I’m brand new to this blogging thing–but I love the idea of using your header on the card and having the different backs–love the computer and ipad screenshots. Awesome.

  11. is AMAZING!!! You can’t go wrong! People will be so impressed with your cards and that is simply priceless.
    {fabulously organized home}

  12. Nancy Carr says:

    Your new cards are great,

  13. The cards look fantastic, I LOVE how colorful they are!

  14. We are in the process of designing our cards – it is a pain!! :) Love yours!

  15. I love Moo cards, and yours look great, Jamie! (And I can relate to you wanting to have the time to make handmade biz cards. I originally made some years ago, and then quickly realized it just wasn’t practical with my schedule and the amount I needed to have on hand.) Look fwd to seeing you at SNAP! :)

  16. Cute–and they totally capture your brand!

  17. Great cards. I would never have thought of putting a screenshot of your website on a business card, but it makes perfect sense given what you do. It also really makes someone want to go to the site! Brilliant!

  18. Wow! Rachel did such a fabulous job. (As always.) And I know that when I make business cards for Haven this summer, I’m going to go with Moo. I’ve just heard too many great things not to! Thanks for sharing your process with us. I’m inspired!

  19. well, you KNOW i love it!! so smart to put your header on it. and i’m thrilled that you linked up to the party, girl! too fun!! 😉

  20. These are so cute. Love them all.

  21. Very creative, love it when people branch out!

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