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It’s no lie I love crafting and blogging. After quitting my only “real” job as a special eduction teacher, moving from to TX to FL, and getting hitched all in a couple months… I’ve made another life altering decision: I want to be a full time blogger! Fast forward a few months, and while I’m certainly not there yet, I am making progress. As of now, I have a part time job as a social media marketer for a commercial real estate company (which I’m loving!) and I’m officially blogging part time. The point is, blogging as a job instead of just a hobby requires a lot more stuff. Establishing a corporation, keeping track of expenses, quarterly taxes, blah, blah, blah… really. boring. paperwork. I like to craft people! I want to cut up those receipts and turn them into something awesome. Check out my fancy system:

blog to business

Yep, that was my receipt organizing system. I would literally shove the receipts in that old 3M folder and throw the whole thing in a bin under my blogging desk. Meet my new BFF, her name is NeatDesk. She rocks. (Read more about all of her fancy functions here.)

blog to business

It’s makes the whole receipt/ keeping track of expenses part of blogging so much more manageable. I can now craft with those paper receipts (any ides?) ! The NeatDesk  install takes a grand total of 7 minutes. Seriously, it’s that easy, and then all you do is line up the bottom of your receipts and place all of them in the middle insert labeled receipts. See:

blog to business

30 seconds later, all 33 receipts are perfectly organized in the NeatDesk program on my computer. Kind of a miracle if you ask me. I had a few full sized receipts… no problem, slide them in the document slot. The NeatDesk is really that easy. Oh, and business cards… remember the blog conference I went to in June, Haven. Yep, I scanned all those bad boys into the NeatDesk too.   I’m even letting Andy use my NeatDesk to organize his own personal documents. Geez, I’m nice! We have big intentions to digitize the entire file cabinet. It’s on the ol’ to-do list. The great news is… YOU could be the next proud owner of a FREE NeatDesk! (or you can buy one right now, here)

Blog to business

Here’s how to enter:

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*I received a free NeatDesk and freakin’ love it. Trust me, you’ll love it too. As always, all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Um – this is kind of revolutionary. I had no idea they had technology like this!! WHAT?!

    Also – I quit my special ed. teaching job this year (crazy, I know) and I am working 3 part-time jobs…and trying to make blogging more “serious” instead of just my “hobby”!! So exciting!! So I know exactly where you’re coming from :)

  2. Congratulations on your blog to business!! Although I like my full time job, it is really nice to see people who work towards something they really enjoy!! It is obvious you have a passion for this stuff, good luck!

  3. I’m trying to do the same thing, although I have two blogs I’m dividing my attention between (probably not a good idea!) good luck to you 😀

  4. Michelle P. says:

    This is such a cool product! I couldn’t get the pin it button to work under the picture, but I did pin it here:

  5. Wow that looks SO helpful. I can think of so many areas in my life it could help me organize!

  6. We just returned from the city with a bunch of receipts and it was a long process to scan and save the documents on the computer… NeatDesk looks amazing!!

  7. Best of luck going full time with blogging. Thanks for the chance to win the NeatDesk, I REALLY need one of these!

  8. I had trouble with the Pin It button as well, not sure if it went through but I tried!

  9. This would be awesome!! Loving your blog!

  10. This is amazing~ I am getting ready to start a business (grand opening in Sept) this would help SO MUCH!

  11. This is an amazing product! I have been looking at this for some time! Wow, great giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Bobbie Mackey says:

    I have a little cabinent under my desk that i keep my papers in, and try to keep the kiddos out. but i don’t know how many times i have looked for something and found a cheeto (or something that probably has been licked or sucked on) where it should be. have wanted a neat desk for so long!


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