Blog Swap: Make it Perfect

We have a s p e c i a l  guest today…! 

Thanks Jamie for letting me take over your blog today :)

I’m an Australian stay-at-home Mum and have three children – Oscar (4 1/2), Lil (3) and Tommy (1). As well as my children keeping me busy, I am also the designer of a sewing pattern rangeMake It Perfect. My patterns are aimed to suit busy sewers who want to create modern, fresh and funky clothing. And because I can’t sit still, I have recently started to make vintage-inspired hairpins and jewellery which are for sale in my shop, Citrus pOp!

I’m an obsessed maker…I love to sew, craft, cook, decorate…anything creative really. Even on the very busiest of days, I NEED to make something! My blog is a place for me to share the crafty things I have been making, as well as keep you updated on new Make It Perfect patterns and share bits and pieces from my family life.

Some of the crafty things you will find on my blog…

Sewing I’ve been doing for my children…here, my daughter Lil is wearing a Sprout dress I made for her:

Things I’ve been decorating or re-vamping around the home, like my son Tommy’s recent cot transformation:

Sewing tutorials, tips and tricks…
a tutorial to make a funky zippered pouch:

…and handy “Peek-A-Boo” Toy Sacks:

Updates on my Citrus pOp creations:
Fun ideas to make things for kids to play with – like these play silks

I recently made for my daughter’s birthday:

Fantastic free art print downloads from my friend Leanne:

And of course, sewing for ME – because everyone deserves a bit of selfish sewing time once in awhile 😉

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little bit of what my blog has to offer and you are more than welcome to stop by and have a read any time :)


I wish I could sew like her! 
Her blog and patterns are amazing…check them all out HERE!! thank you, Toni!!

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