Snap! (It’s a blog conference)

Snap! I like that. It’s short and catchy and could easily be made into an acronym for an awesome blog name. Selling Nifty Antique Paraphernalia or how about Sharing N Answering Problems… ohhh or Shaking N’ baking… yea, I’m done. Anyhow, Snap is a blog conference for the crafty/DIY blog niche. And it’s well, really awesome. It was my first time to attend Snap Blog Conference and my first time to Utah! My friend Lindsey, also from Austin, summed up the Utah thing pretty well… Check it out, 5 things to know before you visit Utah. Fry sauce, anyone? Getting really side tracked up in here.

5 thingsI learned at Snap!:

1: I heart my computer friends. They’re nice and funny and get the whole blog thing.

blog conference

That’s Rachel, Crystal, Nat, Hollie, Jaime, Emily, Kelly, and Mandi, she’s the one in a spandex unitard, ha! And it’s really fun when I can say that my computer friends are my real life friends! I was super excited to meet Jen, Jen, Shannon, Michele, Amy, and Desi  in real life. And of course I love catching up with my old friends, Allison, Becky, Lisa, Gillian, and Diane…!

Snap 2013: Blog Conference

2: Dennis Doedegbuure is an SEO genius, is day job is doing SEO for airbnb, a site I know and love! There are 13 yurts available in California right now, fun right?   He told us about lots of fun things that we should be doing on the ol’ blog like: Webmaster tools, utilizing Yoast SEO for WP plugin, and using tags. Yea, the Yoast thing is fun… seriously.  The plugin gives you a green light when it determines that your SEO for a post is good. Oh and he also said I shouldn’t write about things like blog conferences and SEO tips on my blog. You don’t want to confuse google, ya know? But, here I am doing it anyways. It’s my blog and I do what I want, I’m a wild animal, ha!

Snap: Blog conferences

3: Liquor stores are run by the state in Utah. Just an interesting fact. Oh and there aren’t that many of them. Just sayin’. I wonder if it is like that in any other states?

Snap Blog Conference

4. Photo booths make any party even more awesome. My real life friend, Annie, had a photo booth at her wedding back in the day and it was a major hit! Also happens to be the wedding were I gave the worst maid of honor speech on the face of the earth. And led me to write tips for giving a decent wedding speech. Oh and the bigger the photo booth, the better! We fit 9 girls in that sucker, aren’t we cute! That’s Allison, Becky, Lisa, Diane, Shannon, Chelsea, Amy, and Erin. And then Allison, Lisa, and I had to give Becky some birthday love ; )

Snap: Blog conferences

5. I like to think that creativity is my gift. I’m not that great of a writer, photographer, and y’all know I can’t spell, but I can turn crap in to really awesome things! Then I went to Snap, and oh my mama… there are tons of other really creative people out there! Check out these doors crafted up for the door decorating contest. These are interactive doors. Yea, that one with the balloons, you found a word on the search a word, signed your name and word, then popped a balloon and got a piece of candy… true! Oh and the one with the pink frames, yea those talked to you in their real voices! Pretty gosh darn amazing!

Snap: Blog conference

Have you ever been to blogging conference? Did you know liquor stores were state run in Utah? Do you get really excited when there is a photo booth that prints cute strips at an event? I’d love to hear…




  1. Haha! We learned about state liquor stores a few years back on a trip to Moab, and the beer they serve in resturants is half the strength it is here at home! Snap was awesome, I can’t wait to go back next year.

  2. I’ve lived in Utah almost my entire life. Imagine my surprise when I moved to Memphis TN and there was hard liquor in gas stations! I was amazed. Yes, Utah has some weird alcohol laws…guess I’m so used to it that it’s funny to see someone point it out as weird! hehe…

  3. That looks like a good time! I can tell you as a fellow Canuck (Ontario) our Gov controls our liquor here too and you can only buy alcohol at the LCBO stores (Liquor Control Boards of Ontario) and The Beer Store sells, well…the one minor difference is that we have a lot of them. Everywhere. Almost as much as Tim Horton’s donut shops.

  4. In Virginia, the state owns and runs our liquor stores {referred to as ABC store and ABC = alcohol beverage control} BUT they are everywhere. I easily live within a 5 mile radius of 2 in my Washington DC suburb.
    Thankfully, we can at least buy beer and wine at grocery stores :)


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