Best Mom Card Freebie (Draw Something)

* Mom, if you actually come to the blog today without me emailing you a link to look at something…  kindly go away. Thank you!


I had one of those, “I’m a genius!” moments in the post office yesterday while I was waiting and reading cards. I read through all 10 or so of the Mother’s Day cards, and was thinking to myself how cheesy these sound. I thought that maybe I’ll make my mom one of the google cards I made for my dad a few years ago. Then it struck me! My mom and I are kind of obsessed with Draw Something… we take ohhhh, 7 turns each a day! We get to 100 turns once a week, and then start over since they quit giving you coins after 100! #dontjudge
I quit running errands. Who needs groceries? I came home, took a screen shot of our current game, which happened to be turn 100! Uploaded it to good ‘ol Picassa, changed a few words and a little picture of the world and threw in a stick figure. I love when projects really are as easy as they seem in your head. That doesn’t happen very often, at least not for me!
I know you can read, but I’m pretty proud of my edit, “You are drawing best mom for the world”! I was going to leave it blank so you could fill in a persons name, but decided I liked drawing the best mom for the whole world!
hamdmade mother's day

I love how it turned out! I just used a black pen to write my mom’s name on the “screen”. I used Elmer’s glue dots to secure the print out to the black card stock and a white map pencil to make the iPad button.

If you and your mom, grandma, friend who is a mom love Draw Something print this bad boy out and send her some snail mail love for Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012!
Right click the image, click “save image as”, save it to your desktop, and print. Cut it out and glue to black card stock!
hamdmade mother's day
Here is another version, if you want to draw in your own mom or even stick a real picture of her on the “screen”. If there are any dad’s reading C.R.A.F.T., USE THIS VERSION, and have your kiddos draw their mom! She’ll love it, assuming she knows about Draw Something.
hamdmade mother's day
It took 5 minutes to put together…
hamdmade mother's day
hamdmade mother's day
So, do you love Draw Something? Are you as obsessed as my mom and I? Do you play Words with Friends? Have you had any aha moments lately that make you really excited to do a project and quit everything else you had planned for the day? Happy almost Mother’s Day!


  1. OMG BEST ideas ever!!!! my mom and I play likr 5-10x a day! haha

  2. ha! I'm happy I'm not the only one :)

  3. OK, this is absolutely adorable! :) My mom doesn't play the game, but my friends and I all do.

  4. I'm definitely going to use this for the next few birthday cards I'll need to make.
    Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great idea!!

    Would love it if you would link up with my Thingamajig Thursday party going on now…



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