Bathroom remodel is officially over! {The big reveal!}

Note: Baby D is still chillin’ in my belly! I did acupuncture yesterday in attempt to naturally induce labor. I’ll keep y’all updated!

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This is hands down the most exciting makeover we’ve ever done! Although, it was also by far the most expensive, ha! We completely gutted the bathroom and started fresh. And when I say “we”, I don’t just mean Andy and I! We had help, folks! We paid people to do lots of things except tile, paint, and install hardware. (And we even had help tiling!) Now, I do have to give myself a gold star for the bathroom pretty factor… Andy and I picked everything out and definitely did it on a budget. Almost everything we bought was in stock at our local Home Depot. (Minus the cabinet, counter, glass shower enclosure, and a few accessories! I added a source list at the bottom of the post.) Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Here she is y’all… our new bathroom!

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Don’t mind the orange-ish wooden door, we’ll re-paint all of the hallway doors one of these days!

Fresh and clean bathroom makeover


And the new stand alone shower! It’s so nice to have a separate shower. I’m really happy we decided to get rid of the vanity and move the master closet wall back 6 inches to make room for this sucker. (More on embracing change/ bathroom drama here.) Bathroom remodel

New everything! Ahh! So fray-shhhh and clean. And 2 sinks and counters and drawers. Awww, I love it!

bathroom remodel

A few fun close ups… Andy is obsessed with the outlets we got, they have night lights built in! I must say, they do come in pretty handy for middle of the night bathroom runs.  And we really like our one handle faucets too. I’m all about less to clean around! Which is also why we went with under mount sinks too. As pretty as sinks like these are in the pictures, we decided to go with practical.

Bathroom remodel detailsSo, here is why the cabinet had to be custom built. To fully utilize all of the space, the last few feet of the cabinet had to only be 18 inches deep to make room for the door. If you go back up and look at the very first pic, you can see where the door fits perfectly into the cabinet. Sinks need a minimum of 21 in counter depth. We debated not adding the last part of the counter, but I’m happy we did it! More storage and counter space is always better!

Bathroom remodel


I still need to do a little accessorizing! I like to have a few things live on the counter. But, at the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying the clean, bright, no clutter look! Maybe a window treatment? Maybe not? But, for now I’m over the moon happy about the transformation! Remember this ridiculous, un-usable overhead storage… tearing that down makes the whole room look so. much. bigger. And brighter! Check out this before and after after:

bathroom remodel

Here’s another fun side by side. I love how the cabinet hides most of the toilet, and how much more useable storage we have now!

bathroom remodel

And one last before and after…  This one is looking back at the old storage cabinet.

bathroom remodel

Here’s one more fun pic of Andy when we were seriously considering scraping the beige paint off of all of the tiles, ha!

Bathroom remodel

We kind of love it, but we’re certainly a little bias! There is absolutely nothing we miss from our old bathroom! It was not headache free, but totally worth it in the end!

Source list:

Have you done any big makeovers lately? Have you ever done a bathroom makeover? This really makes up want to re do our other bathroom! (It’s so small it’s almost impossible to take pictures of it, ha!)


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats!! This looks AMAZING! Thanks for the inspiration and for posting.

  2. LOVE IT!!!! it is such an amazing transformation!

  3. Bathroom looks so fabulous, congrats! Love the action shot of Andy scraping,too;)

  4. It looks so fantastic. You guys worked so hard, and it’s gorgeous!

  5. beckabirdy says:

    I just saw a tip that doesn’t work for me, since I don’t have a glass shower, but you’d love it. Spray that shower glass with RAIN-X to keep down the number of drops that dry on the glass after each shower, and keeping it cleaner!

  6. Oh wow, it looks awesome! I’m a big white-lover recently so it definitely fits my taste :) And yes I’ve done a major renovation lately…we remodeled the entire apartment and it was also not headache free haha I totally understand your points! I’m so glad it’s over! :) There are a few pictures of how it looks like, but we are still in the process of putting all the details together. Here is a link if you want to have a look
    Happy new week!

  7. Love it!

  8. Looks great!! Way to go on the renovation!

  9. Great write ups Thank you.

  10. Absolutely inspirational! We are getting ready to re-do our master bathroom soon. We really love the freestanding shower and are looking forward to the open clear look of the glass. Hope you’ll come visit me on my facebook page and give me some advise. You are amazing!


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