I met Bakerella! (AKA Angie Dudley)
Everyone was able to sit down, ask her questions, take pictures, get their book signed (and point at her cute gold bow ring)! I scared her with my pointing she thought she messed up my name!
I went with Rachelle who was wearing gold bow earrings and naturally got really excited when I saw Bakerella wearing a gold bow ring… it looked a lot like this one:
I’ve had a thing for knots and bows since THIS post back in May of 2010.
I was able to ask Angie 2 questions:
1: Do you run your blog on your own? Yes she does. She also has a full time job as a graphic designer… Here schedule consists of her day job Monday- Friday, baking on Saturday, Blogging on Sunday. Oh yea, she has a book, a cake pop kit, and note cards, and does book signings on the weekend. AND she just launched a new site called Whoa. Talk about an amazingly creative, super busy woman! Makes me feel a little lazy!
2: Where did you come up with the name Bakerella? Angie said, “Everyone thinks it has to do with Cinderella, but actually it comes from Barbarella.” Angie wanted an anonymous name, like Jane Doe, to bake behind. She likes Jane Fonda and briefly thought about using Jane Fondant, but did not want to limit herself to fondant only.  I had never heard of Barbarella (gasp if you may, but I am not a movie buff!)
 Annie couldn’t make it, so her sister saved the day…
After the book singing we walked next door to Anthropologie… another creative wonderland. Check out the use of crushed cans as a wall display:
Monogrammed, book page ornaments:
Book page trees, cute with pinking shears and stacked on dowels:
Another good Christmas present for the crafty friend in your life, Design Sponge at Home :)
This post turned into a mini gift guide for all the crafty ladies in your life. Let’s recap: Cake Pop Book or kit, gold bow rings or earrings, monogrammed, book page ornaments, and Design Sponge at Home Book! Women are so much easier to buy for. Do you agree? Do you have a go to dad/boy/brother gift? I made a guy gift guide last year that has some easy-ish ideas!  Are you cake pop maker? Do you have a favorite combo? I’ve made a few, and ate a lot…


  1. Adorei a letras!! Beijos. Caca Zimmer

  2. How awesome that you got to meet Bakerella!! I actually made her cupcake pop last year and it was quite the chore. It turned out great, but my hubby said I couldn't enlist his help anymore with cake pops.

  3. I LOVE that Cake Pops book, so jealous! Glad you got a signed copy, that's awesome (and yes that ring is super cute!)

  4. What a fun day Jaime!! I may be a little jealous! And I love the ring :)

    My friend made her own version of those trees.. super cute. (her site is just in case you wanna see!)

  5. I verified with Angie, her bow ring is from Kate Spade! Kelley, love your friends anthro tree! Here is direct link with a great tutorial!

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