Baby Shower: Personalized Confetti

I must admit I kind of love confetti. And glitter and lip gloss and fried okra…I could go on and on. Confetti makes everything festive. And personalized anything is extra fun. Don’t you think personalized M&M;’s are much more appealing than regular M&M;’s?  All you need for this fun little project is a Silhouette and card stock! It’s super simple.

 Does anybody else’s Silhouette not like to make e’s…or this is just me? It only makes an e the first time I open the program and then I have to copy and paste…weird, right? Anyhow, fill up the entire page with words you want as confetti, like this:

A few tips: 
– The bigger the letters the less work it is too peel them out of the card stock (I think 80 is a good font size)
– I might do capital letters next time only because they are much easier to peel out. The lower case e’s and a’s are kind of a pain in the butt
– The table below is just 2 sheets of card stock. A little goes a long way

Does anybody else have a confetti obsession? love lip gloss? (I have a new favorite lip gloss: Sugar rose by fresh) Do you think personalization makes anything better? Spill the beans folks :)


  1. This is so fun :)

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