Guest book idea for a baby shower

I threw one of my besties a beach inspired baby shower, and instead of doing a typical sign in book, I used these free mom to be cards! I first starting using her journal pages with my high school advisory class. They are not your average joe journal pages. They are ahh.mazingly cute and clever. She has 43 free journal pages that you can just print right out!

Basically, I begged her to create a mom to be journal page that would take the place of a guest book. She thankfully said yes, and I ended up with this adorable, little note card that guests can fill out and color in as they please. Then, I hole punched the corner of the cards and tied them with a ribbon so Natalia has a little mini book of best wishes and predictions for baby Joyce.Print your very own color or black and white version of this mom to be card for free!

guest book idea for baby shower

Here’s how it worked… I used my free tin buckets I found on the side of the road and adorned them with crepe paper flowers and twine, remember? One of the buckets had lots of colored, sparkly gel pens, one bucket held blank cards, and one little bucket held the finished cards.Free tin buckets needed a little love:


It was a fun activity/ conversation starter to have out while people were eating and mingling. (Plus, who doesn’t love writing in sparkly gel pens?!) At the end, you can hold punch the corner of the cards and tie them together with string. A fancy little book of love notes for the mom to be!

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  1. What a fabulous idea!! The mother to be will cherish that forever and will have an instant scrapbook of her shower! Awesome!!

  2. Is there a place to find these pages? They are a great idea and I would love to use them for a baby shower too!

  3. not yet…but, I think she will release the page at some point :) I will let everyone know when that happens!In the mean time here is a free printable version of the same idea.. :)

  4. Just have to ask where they got Joyce from? I'm a Joyce and 28 and most other Joyce's were names from family. Just curious! Tell her I LOVE the name! :) Also, I love your blog!

  5. Funny you ask… it is there last name! they decided not to tell anyone the name until he is born…so we just call him baby joyce :)

  6. Just wondering if this is going to be released anytime soon. We're doing a shower in January and would LOVE these cards!!

  7. I'm with Jenna Z – Is she planning on releasing these? Or is there somewhere I can go to order them? A friend of mine stood up just before Thanksgiving dinner to announce that she's pregnant, and I would *love* to have these for her eventual baby shower.


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