Baby Shower: Games

We played 2 games at the beach inspired baby shower…

I named them: Who did it? and Who’s who?

Game 1: Who did it? This is super simple. E-mail the mom’s of the expecting couple and ask for 10 things he or she did between newborn and 6 years old. These get funny :) You need to change the nouns to be gender neutral. For instance, “This 3 year old toddler told a lady in a card store that he or she was getting a long dog with a short back.” Have your guests number 1-20, and read the ststements out loud. Whoever gets the most right, wins.
Sarah announcing the 20 things:

Game 2: Who’s Who? First, you need to ask your guests to bring a baby picture. We sent out an email 2 months prior to give people time to hunt down a baby picture and another e-mail one week before as a reminder :)

The tricky part is trying to make the master key. If I had to do it over again, I would have done one of two things:

1:I would have asked everyone to bring their baby picture in an envelope with their name on it. This way, you can know who’s who and quickly make the master key at the beginning of the party.  

2: Probably the easiest way would have been to have everyone email you a picture and then YOU print them out. That way the whole game could have been done before the shower started.Also, I wrote all of the names of people who brought a baby picture on a piece of paper as a word bank for the game. (not everyone knew everyone’s name) Wearing name tags would also be useful.

This game was a little trickier to orchestrate. After we played Who did it?, we asked the guests to take a few minutes to fill out the mom to be card and stop by the Who’s Who game to try and guess the baby pictures. We gave everyone about 20 minutes before we read out the answers and awarded the prize! Surprisingly, even though not everyone know everyone, there was one person that got 12 of 14 correct! 

Can you guess which one is me?

See how fun it is to guess… don’t cheat :)
That’s me…with the crazy amount of hair, sailor dress, and mega chubby cheeks.

Do you have a favorite shower game? I’d love to hear…


  1. Those are both great games! I have never heard of them before and will definitely try them. I haven't played this, but saw "bingo" cards for funny type moments and gifts and you do this while the mom to be is opening presents. I remember on of the squares had "unsolicited advice" and the other had "mother in law", "photo op", "hip plush toy", etc. It was a unique way of doing bingo. Really cute. I think it was on


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