Baby Shower: Centerpieces

This centerpiece was free :) It is a collection and reinvention of goodies from around my house… I am fairly certain that I could create a free centerpiece for any party theme with stuff I have at home… let me show you how :) It’s kind of  like going on a  treasure hunt

Centerpiece #1:

 I like glass containers and have a few in my decor… remember these from the shelf decorating and silhouette labeling posts…

and this from the laundry room organization extravaganza…

 and these conveniently live in my bathroom already filled with shells! I always collect a few (or sometimes a lot!) of shells on vacation. Free, pretty travel souvenirs are the best.

I ended up spray painting the laundry room organizer white (which I had been meaning to do!) and re arranged all of the shells and glass vases… I stole rocks from my recycled tree to fill up the outside of the short vase.

(I should have moved all of the stuff under the buffet…oops!)
 Centerpiece 2:

I found this at Tuesday morning a while back and have been saving it for one of my girlfriend’s to have a baby :) Sometimes you just can’t pass up a good deal. For 3.49 it was totally worth it!

Hobby Lobby has letters like this too…

 Trace letters on paper, cut out and modge podge on! I used a few stickers too.

 I’ve these giant clothes pins since college and they always come in handy :) This yellow one lives on my living room shelves

A little rearranging goes a long way :) BUT, a makes quite a mess out of your house!


  1. Looks great. I really need a centrepiece for a dinner in two weeks. Maybe you could pop over and plan one out for me. :)

  2. Love it all. It's always nice when you can 'find' things that you already have to recreate a new look. I think the 'baby' letters with the clothes pins are absolutely adorable!

  3. WOW fabulous!!! I have sooo many little jars and vases filled with shells as well! I love your bathroom shelves, I have the same theme for mine, as well as the rest of my house too lol! Such a gorgeous centerpiece!

  4. I love it and I can't believe how on sale it was. What a bargain!


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