Printable Mothers day card

Last month, Vanessa whipped up a super cute free printable in honor of our sweet Max baby… “Hush little baby“.  This time around, she made a printable in honor of Mom day. I’m a mom, y’all! I still kind of can’t believe it and I love it all at once. (Here’s our birth story and 15 things I’ve learned about newborns in the past 3 weeks.) I know you’ll love this fun printable Mothers day card!

printable mothers day card

Hi everyone, it’s Vanessa from Tried & True back with another fun printable! We’re halfway though April and before you know it, it’ll be Mother’s Day (May 11th). So, in honor of all of the amazing mothers out there and Jamie’s first celebration as a mom, here’s a sweet free printable card for you to give to the best mom ever!

printable mothers day card

You can print the image on any kind of paper but I’ve found it looks best on lightly textured paper or watercolor paper trimmed to fit your printer. Whether you decide to make a card or frame it, I hope your awesome mama enjoys the original art I made. Please refrain from using for commercial means… or I’ll have to send my mom after you! :D

printable mothers day card

{Download the free “Mom, you are the best” print here}

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Baby checklist… 15+ tips I’ve learned about newborns!

Oh my sweet little Max baby you’ve taught me a ton in the last couple of weeks! (Here’s our birth story if you missed it!) You’re adorable and cuddly and smell so good, but you don’t really like to let mama sleep! You’re a hungry growing boy, and I’m happy you’re such a good eater (or uhh… drinker)! Being a new mama is a lot of things including amazing, but let’s face it, anything to help us get a little more sleep/ make life easier is always good! Here are 15+ tips I’ve learned and utilized in the last couple of weeks of being a new mom to the cutest baby boy in the world (#proudobnoxiousmama). Maybe your baby will like them too… or maybe not :/ !

Tips for taking care of a baby

1. Diaper color line- This is Earth shattering, seriously! Thankfully, I learned it on Day 3 of Max from my friend, Annie. After watching me take off his diaper to check if he was wet/ poopy, Annie kindly made me aware that the yellow line turns blue when the diaper is wet. Freakin’ genius, I tell you! Oh and most diapers have this or at least the couple of brands we have used so far. So, the diaper in the pic below means the front is wet, but the back is not wet. Oh and the line will get more blue than that if you let it sit a little longer.

Baby checklist... things to know about newborns

2. Point penis down in the diaper- A lot of folks told me this, but I guess I needed a hands on learning experience, ha! Just point him down, y’all. Or don’t and he’ll pee all over his belly and clothes. Gross. Oh and pee pee tee pees don’t work that well (see #11). Babies are wiggly.

3. Taking onesies on and off over the legs (instead of head)- We don’t do this all of the time, but if Max is in a mood, we most definitely take the onesie off over the legs and put the onesie on over the legs! Max says this tip is #1 for babies (see his little finger)!

Baby list... taking a onesie off over the legs

4. Olive oil on bum for meconium poop- My midwife taught me this the day he was born. Just rub olive oil all over his bum before diapering to make the meconium poop slide off easier with a wipe!

5. Car seat trick- Gotta give Andy cred for figuring this one out. The little harness and straps were always getting in the way of putting Max in his seat, and then we discovered these slits in the side of the car seat that fit the little straps perfectly! That way you can slide baby boy with out having to hunt for the harness under his bum. Are these little slits on all car seats?

car seat trick

6. Baby lotion (use coconut oil)- Max had very dry hands and feet so I used some Aveeno baby lotion on him. For whatever reason I decided to read the label… here’s what it says: “If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately!” Really? I thought this was a baby product?!  I put the lotion on his hands, and then watched my sweet baby immediately stick his hands in his mouth! Not a fan. I whipped out the coconut oil and it not only cleared up his dry skin but also makes him smell even more delicious! Read your labels, y’all! Check out this post on C.R.A.F.T. facebook with lots more info about babies, lotions, and brands!

Baby list... Use coconut oil

7. Change diaper before nursing in the middle of the night- This was another tip from Annie, and I find it essential to our (sleepless) night routine. That way if he does fall asleep nursing, I know that his diaper his clean and I can lay him back in his bassinet without waking him up!

8. Lanolin for diaper rash- I went to a cute little class at our birthing center about baby massage and a girl in class told me that lanolin cures diaper rash. It’s true. Lanolin –>(affiliate link to the kind we use) is a life saver for nipples and baby bums! Stock up, friends!

9. Rice sock- I feel a little guilty about this one! I basically trick Max into thinking he is laying against a human. My theory is since we nurse belly to belly he likes the warmth of my body. My friend, Natalia, made me the rice sock to use during labor so this sucker is getting double duty. I just heat it up in the microwave for 25 seconds and lay it next to him. I use it the most at night… it’s definitely worth a try!

Use a rice sock with newborns

10. Frozen food is awesome- This is for the mama. Baby boy is getting fed, but mama needs to eat too! I stocked up the freezer with Amy’s frozen goodies while I was prego. Hopefully, you will have sweet friends bring you dinner in early days of baby, but you need lunch too! Stock the freezer, y’all!

11. Mom’s of boys… tee pee pee pee’s don’t really work. They are cute and seem like a good idea, but Max is wiggly and it always falls off. Just cover that sucker up with a burp cloth or diaper when changing. Or let him pee all over you, him, the wall, his changing pad, and the rug. Laundry is fun… Said no one ever!

12. Double up the crib sheet and liners- This one came from a genius on C.R.A.F.T. facebook:

Tips for taking care of a baby

13. The Happiest Baby on the Block –>(affiliate link)- This is the one book both Andy and I read! Basically it describes why the first 3 months of an infants life are basically the 4th trimester and how the 5 S’s are the perfect recipe for calming a crying baby. The 5 S’s are: 1: Swaddling 2: Side/ stomach 3: Shushing 4: Swinging 5: Sucking At least for Max, swaddling, sucking, and shushing are the perfect combo!

14. Mama’s hair- If you have long hair, wear it in a pony tail or braid to bed. Baby boy has a good grasp and will get a hold of the hair mid nursing if it’s not out of the way. If I don’t do this, then I end up hunting for a hair thing like a maniac in the middle of the night with a crying baby on my hip… not fun. Major plus: my hair looks kind of fun the next morning with braid head. Side part and a few bobby pins… who needs a shower or a blow dryer with a baby?!

 15. I asked for new born tips on the C.R.A.F.T. facebook page… Check it out! There are lots more great ideas including jammies with zippers, phone app suggestions, gas drops, and gripe water + tons more. Lots more infant tips here!

Do you have any tips to add to the list? Did these things work for your infant? I’d really LOVE to hear!

Baby sprinkle party ideas

Have you heard about the baby sprinkle phenomenon happening these days? Instead of having a big ol’ baby shower for your 2nd bambino, you have a small shower, you know, just a light sprinkle! I think it’s nice to honor the mama with a small celebration and a few new goodies for her little one on the way. I posted about the new trend of baby sprinkle’s on C.R.A.F.T. facebook, and there were certainly mixed opinions! Whether you think a baby shower for the 2nd kiddo is a yay or nay, here are some cute baby sprinkle party ideas that could even be used at a regular ol’ baby shower!

If you’re interested here are the deets from my 3 baby showers:

Baby sprinkle party ideas

1. Sprinkle desert table complete with clear ornaments as rain drops and grass sod!

Baby sprinkle party ideas


2. Baby sprinkle party favors: “Thanks for dropping by” lemon drops

Baby sprinkle ideas

3. Donut bar (with lots of sprinkles)

Baby sprinkle party

4. Umbrella dessert table

Baby sprinkle shower


5. Display treats in rain boots

Baby sprinkle ideas

6. Ice cream bar

Baby sprinkle

7. Nature’s sprinkles

Baby sprinkle ideas

8. Sprinkle party activities

Baby sprinkle party

9. Cloud backdrop

Baby sprinkle party

10. Sprinkle popcorn

Baby sprinkle party ideas

11. Sprinkle cake topper

12. Sprinkled filled vase & candles

13. Easy DIY sprinkle cake

Baby sprinkle party ideas

14. Sprinkle guest book

Baby sprinkle party ideas

15. Printable baby sprinkle seed packet

16. Sprinkled rim glasses

Baby sprinkle party ideas

17. Paint sprinkled popsicle stick table runner

Baby sprinkle party ideas

18. Sprinkled “baby” letters

Baby sprinkle party ideas

19. Lemon drop party favors

Baby sprinkle party ideas

20. Salad sprinkles

baby sprinkle ideas

21. Sprinkled dessert table

sprinkle shower ideas

Pretty cute, huh? How do you feel about the baby sprinkle trend for the 2nd kiddo? I’d love to hear… Oh and tomorrow I will be sharing the 15 tips I’ve learned about caring for newborns in the last 3 weeks!

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