Candy recipes and crafts

So the kiddos are about to go trick or treating and bring home, excuse my french, butt loads, of candy. What do you do with all of that candy? I remember the insane amounts of candy my brothers and sisters and I used to bring home, it was crazy town. There is no way any family should eat 26 pounds of candy! I’ve rounded up 44 candy recipes and crafts that anyone can make with the Halloween candy surplus! Plus a few other fun things to do with leftover Halloween candy like send it to our troops, save it for ginger bread house making, or make business cards with it!

Tons of candy recipes and crafts

17 ways to use candy in crafts

1. Starburst wrapper bracelet

2. Make candy trees for Christmas

3. Candy wrapper light switches

4. Save it for decorating ginger bread houses

5. Make a November advent calendar

6. Make candy trains

7. Candy wrapper headbands 

8. Make a candy card and send to Grandparents

What to do with leftover candy

9. Make and hand out butterflies

10. Candy wrapper pencil cube

11. Turkey hand cookies

12. Oreo turkeys

13. Make a pinata and fill it with candy!

14. Hand out turkey toes to neighbors

15. Decorate a cake (and bring it to a nursing home, police station, or fire station!)

16. Make candy sushi

17. Make business cards (tutorial coming soon!)

Candy recipes and crafts



14 ways to use candy in recipes

1. Peanut butter Snicker brownies

2. Chex Mix

3. Candy bar pie

4. Make mud pies

5. Applesauce with red hot candie

6. Candy corn no bake cookies

7. Snickers carmel apple salad

8. Biscoff Rolo popcorn

9. Deep fry a Snickers bar, because you can.

10. Make owl brownies

How to make owl brownies

11. Make 2 ingredient cookies!

12. Jolly rancher lemonade

13. Starburst infused vodka

What to do with leftover candy

14. Skittles vodka


12 other interesting ways to downsize your Halloween candy stash

1. Sell you candy to your dentist! Most dentist pay $1 per pound of candy that you bring in. If you live in the Austin area, here is a great resource of dentists who participate!

2. Send it to Operation Gratitude… This candy will get sent to our troops in care packages! How awesome is that?!

3. Freeze it! You can add a few pieces of candy to milkshakes, ice cream, or cookies throughout the year!

4. Add a chocolate (or 3) to your morning cup of jo!

5. Bring it to your office and share!

6. Send some snail mail packages to college age kids in your family!

7. Send candy to Operation Shoebox. They also send care packages to our troops!

8. Use candy as BINGO pieces!

9. Save some to make s’mores all winter long! A Resses Peanut Butter Cup makes a s’more magical. True.

Candy recipes and crafts

10. Donate your wrapped Halloween candy to The Ronald McDonald House!

11. Use candy to teach little ones estimation, patterns, sorting, graphing, or word problems!

12. Do sink versus float test with your candy!


Maxwell monthly (The first 6 months!)

I had big plans to do a monthly Maxwell update. Yea, that big plan went right out the window oh… about 6 months ago when I realized being a new mom was insanity! Alas, I bring you 6 months of Maxwell updates all in one little post. My sweet baby is a curious, smiley, determined little munchkin who is on the move, all of the time! And getting bigger way, way too fast. Oh and if you are new here, here’s the pregnancy announcement, gender reveal party, natural birth story, and his black and white nursery!

0-1 Month:

  • We gave Maxwell his first bath at home on 3-28-14, 5 days after he was born. We were scared!
  • Maxwell took his newborn pictures on 4-4-14, so stinkin’ cute!
  • We left Max at home with Grammy and had a sushi dinner date.
  • He took his passport picture!
  • Dyed his first Easter egg (with a lot of help!)
  • Started smiling and loves celling fans!

Baby photography

1-2 Months

  • Went to his first baseball game!
  • And museum!
  • Maxwell starting blowing tons of spit bubbles and smiles all of the time!
  • He loves rocking on the front porch and staring at celling fans!

Baby photgraphy

2-3 months

Baby photography


3-4 months

  • Max giggled for the first time at 3 months and 1 day old!
  • Maxwell went on a boat ride for mom’s surprise party. Not a huge fan of life jackets!
  • He went to 2 blog conferences in Utah and Georgia via plane with mom!
  • On 7-12-23, you started doing multiple rolls and moving all over the place!

Baby photography

 4-5 months

  • Maxwell is up on all 4’s!
  • He can sit up for a few seconds by himself.
  • Traveled to New England to visit mom’s bff! (Free things to do with kids in Rhode Island and NYC)
  • Started sticking out his tongue all of the time!
  • Maxwell had his first sleepover with his great aunt while we mom and dad went to a wedding!


Baby photography

 5-6 months

  • Pulled up in his crib for the firs time!
  • We had to lower the crib all of the way and remove the bumpers because he was using them as a ladder!
  • Started for real crawling on 8-31-14, 5 months and 8 days old… He’s officially on the move and into everything!
  • Loves turning the pages of books, playing with his soccer ball piggy bank, putting tags in his mouth, playing with his sound machine, pulling up on anything, and taking walks in the stroller!
  • Tried his first real food, sweet potatoes! Not a huge fan.
  • Maxwell sits up very well now.
  • Discovers something new everyday! (Fireplace, vents, lamp cords, shoes, his closet, the printer, opening cabinets) We have to get this house baby proof!

Baby photography

I love looking at how he’s grown over time, his hair has gotten so thick! And he’s just so stinkin’ cute!

baby photography monthly picture idas


And here his is super cute 7 month picture, we took last week! He’s pulling up on everything, says “dadadada” all of the time. And stands on his own for a few seconds at a time! Oh and all of these pictures are taken on random quilts, rugs, pieces of fabric, and blankets we have at home. The blocks are from CB2, but I think they are discontinued. Boo. My friend got them to use as decor for one of our baby showers and I love them! Anyone else have a fun way to docuemnt their little ones? Do you take monthyl or weekly pictures? Have any advice for teaching a 7 month old not to pull on lamp cords? I’d love to hear…


18 Halloween crafts for kids

One more weekend before Halloween! Ahh! Here are 18 Halloween crafts for kids to try out this weekend.  And if you are still looking for costume ideas, check out these 29 DIY kid costumes and 39 homemade adult costumes! Happy Friday!

18 Halloween crafts for kids!

1. Office supply pumpkins

2. Halloween rocks

3. Bat Pillow Boxes {free printable}

4. Keyboard pumpkin

5. Owl brownies

6. Simple ghosts

7. Neighbor gift

8. Newspaper stenciled prints

9. Halloween coasters 

10. Ghost mirror

11. Paint chip garland

12. Pom Pom spiders

13. Duck tape pumpkins

14. Yard ghosts

15. The moon is full {free printable}

16. Edgar Allen Poe {free printable}

17. Happy Owl-loween party decor

18. Halloween mantle ideas