The Home Depot DIY Workshop: Vertical Planter

I made a little mention of this yesterday on Instagram… I’ve got some super fun news to share (and nope, I’m not pregnant)! But, I am partnering with The Home Depot to host 4 DIY workshops this year! True! Little ol’ me will be teaching peeps how to build things at The Home Depot! First up, is this super awesome vertical planter to spruce up your yard!

For the first workshop, I’ll be at The Home Depot in South Austin at 1200 Home Depot Blvd on April 11th. Come build with me, I would love to meet you! This was my store back when we lived in our condo, so I’m pretty excited to host my first workshop there. Y’all know I love me some Home Depot, we have one within walking distance to our house and the manager at our store even has a son who is just a few days older than Maxwell. We go to buy project supplies and talk babies. That’s normal, right?!  I’ve partnered with The Home Depot on numerous projects including our bathroom remodel, laundry room makeover, and Celebration of Service events in Austin and Houston.

I’m going to show y’all how to bring a little life to your backyard with this bad boy! Oh and the planter was designed by the ever awesome Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern.

The Home Depot DIY Workshop: Vertical Planter


The planter I’m building for our backyard is going to be a little different than the one in the picture, but that’s what I love about building things yourself, you can make to fit your needs perfectly! Only need 5 planters? Easy! Want to make it longer? Taller? No big deal! Paint it? Stain it? You can do whatever the heck you want! My planter is currently in the works, but we (Andy!) did do some major bush ripping out last weekend to make room for it. Here is the backyard when we moved in:

remove bushes
Here it is after Andy ripped out the first row of bushes:
How to spray paint patio furniture

And here’s where the vertical planter will live. It’s crazy how much more space it give us! The plan is to install the vertical planter right where you see the 2 plastic baseballs, and then fill that area with play ground rocks. Maybe? Definitely fill it with something other than dirt and weeds, ha! Suggestions of fill material are welcome!

Vertical planter Before


So, here are the workshop deets:

  • In-store workshops offer demonstrations with clear, step-by-step instructions for making easy home improvements to your home and yard. The workshop can give you the confidence boost you need to become an awesome DIY-er!
  • During this workshop, you can learn the skills that you need to create the fun vertical planter, including how to safely and properly operate power tools, as well as how to calculate measurements, and follow a design plan. Y’all, sawing stuff is fun. Just sayin’.
  • DIY Workshops are held on Saturdays and Sundays throughout each month.
  • I will be in-store co-hosting this workshop on April 11, so please let us know you’ll be attending and REGISTER HERE!

Get out the ol’ calendar, tell all of your friends, and mark down April 11th for a DIY workshop at The Home Depot!

Where: Home Depot Store #6570

200 Home Depot Blvd, Sunset Valley, TX

When: Saturday, April 11th
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Cost: FREE!

High five to building things and meeting YOU in person!


Maxwell monthly (7-12 months)

Our sweet baby turned one a week ago today! I’m working on the party post, but today I’ve got the 7-12 month update. (Here is the 0-6 month update.) A little note about the monthly pictures: All of the backdrops for his monthly pictures are from around our house. Month 1, 6, and 9 are the front and back of the quilt I made for Andy many moons ago. Months 2 and 5 are rugs. Month 3 is blanket. Months 4 and 7 are random pieces of fabric. For months 10, 11, 12 there was no way I was going to get Maxwell to lay on his back, so we ended up taking his picture on the bathroom counter and on the floor in his room!

Also, the blocks I use in each picture were given to me at a baby shower, but you can buy them on Amazon here!

baby photography monthly picture idas


6-7 months

  • He pulls up on everything and crawls really well!
  • He loves to swing in the baby swings at the park.
  • Started saying, “Dadadadadadadada” non stop.
  • He had his first taste of real food, sweet potatoes… not a fan!

Maxwell  7 months

7-8 months

  • Maxwell says, “Mamamamamamamamma” I wish I was convinced he was putting the words with my face, but I don’t think so.
  • We went to Comfort, TX for a family vacation!
  • Maxwell took his first bubble bath. He was so impressed!
  • He wasn’t super into presents, he really didn’t even care about the paper or wrapping.

Maxwell 8 months

8-9 months

  • His first tooth (upper right) came in!
  • Finally decided he liked food. Loves bananas and cinnamon and these pouches!
  • He took his first step!
  • He stood up from a squat in the middle of the room.
  • Ramped up the baby proofing in Casa de Dorobek, here’s a handy checklist!

Maxwell 9 months

9-10 months

  • Maxwell went to Colorado for New Years.
  • He took 16 steps while we were on vacation!
  • He got 3 more teeth this month.
  • We took him to the pet store to see fish, dogs, cats, and birds! Birds were his favorite.
  • Maxwell loves to slide at the park!

Maxwell 10 months

10-11 months

  • He waves “bye bye” to dad in the morning. And at night before bed.
  • Loves food! Beans, banana, yogurt, and zucchini are some of his favorites.
  • He is now walking more than he crawls!
  • Maxwell dances when certain songs are played. Specifically, Old McDonald on his toy tractor.
  • Maxwell helped Andy and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary with a weekend road trip to Kerrville!

Maxwell 11 months

11-12 months

  • Maxwell gives high fives!
  • Waves “bye bye” to everyone.
  • He loves all kinds of food including strawberries, chicken, peas, applesauce, broccoli, quinoa, but he does not like tuna!
  • He likes to feed me his food!
  • He tried a donut for the first time, he was not impressed.
  • Maxwell and I went to Florida for a long weekend with friends. He loved the splash pad!
  • Had his one year photo shoot with Laura Morsman! (She’s also the one that took these adorable pictures!) The picture below is from that shoot, and I will share more soon. Shocker, but I love every last one of his pictures.

Laura Morsman

I’m going to share his one year photo shoot and birthday extravaganza soon! Maxwell, we are so happy we get to be your parents! We love you a bajillion and one. And thank YOU for following along, and being a part of our adventure :)


41 Pineapple crafts

Pineapples are cute, yummy, colorful, and have a very recognizable shape! Here are 41 pineapple crafts made out of everything from spoons to champagne bottles to frosting! You can crochet a pineapple, dress up as a pineapple, and even print out free pretty pineapple art to frame and hang!
41 clever pineapple crafts

1. Favor bags

2. Balloons

3. Treat cups

4. Baby costume

Pineapple crafts

5. Pineapple planter

Pineapple crafts

6. Tiny pineapples (made out of walnuts)

7. Clock

8. Pineapple welcome gift + free printable

Pineapple crafts

9. Toddler costume

10. Fingerprint pineapple

11. String art

12. Champagne bottle turned pineapple

13. Perler bead pineapple

14. Polymer clay necklace

Pineapple crafts

15. Pineapple garland 

16. Felt bags

17. Pineapple pumpkins

Pineapple crafts

18. Party hats

19. Pineapple macaroons

20. Crochet Pineapple bunting (+ free pattern!)

Pineapple crafts

21. Real Pineapple vase

22. Lamp

23. Washi tape print

24. Free pineapple printable

Pineapple crafts

25. Pineapple potato stamp

26. Stenciled table

27. Pineapple pillow

28. Pinata

29. Treat box

30. Cutting board

pineapple cutting board

31. Pom Pom’s

32. Cake pops

33. Origami pineapple straws

34. Pineapple bunting (free printable!)

35. Pineapple glasses

pineapple glasses craft for kids

36. Hand towels

37. Pineapple crayons

38. No sew pineapple pillow

39. Cake

pineapple frosted cake

40. Pineapple invites (filled with treats!)

41. Origami

pineapple crafts




For more fun craft round up ideas, check out this page!

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