Adult Valentines {with wine}

Kids shouldn’t get to have all of the fun, right? Valentines can be fun (and tasty!) for all ages…   Last week, I did a cheesy valentine day saying with lottery tickets. “You’re a whole lotto fun” and “I love/ like you a whole lotto”. I even gave one to Young House Love at the book tour in Austin (here’s my re-cap). Here’s YHL’s re-cap where they actually gave me 2 shout outs for the lotto ticket and a pic I took of Sherry! Woot! Woot! Back to cheesy adult valentines… Gambling last week, and drinking this week… I’m on a naughty roll!

valentine day sayings

Here’s the story… Andy and I were on our way to a friend’s house for a little grilling action… they asked us to stop by CVS on our way over to pick up foil. No prob. I happen to see this at the checkout line:

valentines day





Cute little bottles of wine for a dolla! Holla. I had to think quick… cheesy valentine to go with wine? Andy came up with “Wine-ot be my Valentine?” Sold. I bought 3 little bottles. Then, after talking to my crafty friend, Annie, about my cheesy valentine wine dilemma… she came up with “Don’t make me wine. Be my Valentine!” “You’re like a fine wine valentine” and “Chocolate is nice, roses are fine, but nothing says I love you like a nice glass of wine”. Sold, sold,  and sold! She’s good, huh? It’s pretty simple, print out the printable and tie it up or mod podge it right on your bottle!

Don’t make me wine, be my valentine printable {here}


You’re like a fine glass of wine, valentine printable {here}


Roses are red poem printable {here

valentine saying

valentines day
adult wine valentine
And there you have it, a tasty treat to tell your friends you think they’re awesome! + here are 100 more cheesy valentine day sayings! How do you feel about valentines day? Better question: How do you feel about free wine from a nice friend?



  1. I wish my boyfriend would get me one of these for Valentines Day!! (Except not the tiny bottle part… lol!!)

  2. I frigging LOVE this idea! I buy these baby wine bottles all the time for “wine thirty” on Friday at my work (yes, we get to drink on Friday afternoons!) so I totally have to steal this for them. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love these. Thanks for the download.

  4. So cute! I think I’ll have to steal those ideas!

  5. Super cute, Jamie! Really random..our friend is practically married to one of the Gallo sons. Its neat seeing their wine all over the place. I love your tags! :)


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