A letter to the universe

Yep, we’re moving back to Texas (at least for now)! As usual, we don’t know the exact dates or details. Except that Andy starts his new job on Monday… like, this Monday, November 19th! I’m finishing up my job here in Florida, packing up Sunny, and shipping out before the holidays. Phew. Oh and we’re going to be homeless. Or at least nomadic. Staying with my parents and friends in Austin, until we get our lives figured out over here.  And now for a little letter to the universe.

Dear Universe,

We want to be happy.

We want to be passionate about what we do everyday.

Doesn’t everyone?

I want to blog. About crafts and DIY. I really want Andy to help.

I want to buy a duplex, fix it up, rent it out. And do it again. And again.

And blog about the DIY mishaps and merriments of being landlords and DIY’ers.

Is that too much to ask?

I hope not.



ps Universe, don’t you like how my letter is shaped like a tree?

High five to this:

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

photo source: miette, via pinterest

I’m just curious, what would your letter to the universe say? Put out those good energy vibes, and create your dream job!

psst… we’re driving to Texas tonight, for Andy to start his job on Monday. If you’re interested, I’ll be instagraming (thecraftblog) road trip excitement like a maniac!


  1. be safe in your travels, Jamie! I’m sure things will settle down…eventually :-)

  2. I am going through the same thing! My boyfriend just left for Louisiana for a job and left me in Los Angeles to pack up our apartment and have been spending my nights in a loft in a friend’s backyard. I’m looking forward to when I can find a new place to live and decorate it, while I blog about it. So my letter to the universe sounds an awful lot like yours! 😉 Good luck!

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Love your blog and DIY projects and ideas.
    I will be using the paper plate alphabet animals at school with our K-3rd graders.
    Love easy fun ideas using supplies we already have on hand.
    My husband and I have chosen to live our dream of working together in a business that helps families all over the world save money daily and work for themselves. We adore each other and get to pursue our other interests while making money to travel and make new friends. Check it out. Contact us if it might be something you are looking for from the universe. Annie Samuels


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