360 Makeover- Part 2

360 was brown and ugly and hiding in my closet for 3 years… she was an good amazing shoe/ clothing storage system. The new closet does not lends itself well for 360 (it’s the long skinny kind). With no shelves in the living room (the A-town condo had lots), it seemed like a good time to give her a more prominent location in the house, and after all, I made it with my own 2 hands!

Here is where we left of in Makeover of 360- Part 1:
I found a lot of random things in the move including a pint of paint I got for free from Gildden ( I think I saw the campaign on twitter!) over a year ago.  I had no plans for my pint, and I’m pretty sure I just randomly selected the color,  pebble gray, in an eggshell finish.  Thanks GIldden! The pint is almost gone and it came in very handy! 
Let’s get to the fun stuff. Here is the placement of 360. Basically, right in the center of the living room. See the apartment layout here.

First, I lightly sanded the entire thing with sand paper (any sand paper will do). I decided not to paint the back for sake of saving paint and time. I knew it was going to live against the couch.

There are a lot of nooks and cranny’s in this thing. I had to rotate to sand it properly. I even got to re live my sucky brown paint job from 3 years ago :)

It did this in some spots. I just sanded until it felt smooth to the touch and paint wasn’t flaking.

Next, I vacuumed up all the paint debris.  Love that Dyson :)
Then I wiped it down with a damp rag and let it dry. Letting things dry is very difficult for me.
Next, I started painting. I have one nice paint brush. It is a Purdy Paintbrush and you can buy it on Amazon for $16.00… totally worth it. I’ve had it for 3 years.
The goal was cover the brown! I knew i was going to have to do a few coats or at least go over certain spots again.

I flipped it around to paint the tops of the cubbies…

After it dried, I lightly steel wooled the entire thing. I wanted to it be smooth and pretty.

In between coats you can wrap up your brush in a plastic bag, and put it in the fridge for a couple hours. So you don’t have to clean your brush in between coats!

Before you put the paint away, make sure and fill any holes. I just use my wall filler stuff. It seems to work fine. There is legit wood filler, but I don’t have any. After you fill them, paint over ’em.

2 coats of paint later (don’t mind the the laundry air drying in the living room!)…
Remember when I said I wanted to a little “somehting something” to the back panel of the 3 cubbies? Well, that was a disaster or really more like a big pain in my butt/ waste of time. 
I have a lot of fun decorating/ design ideas pinned on my “inside” board on pinterest. One of them being 2 tones shelves. Like this…
On a side note one of my favorite pinterest tricks right now is using the search bar. I typed in “painted shelves” and found this loveliness:
You see what I was going for… a lovely gray shelf with a colored background. 
At first I thought it might be fun to use a patterned paper… I taped in a few pieces of scrapbook paper up… not in love.
On to the next idea… I decided to use a yellow-gold to paint the backs of the 3 cubbies. 

It certainly needed another coat, but I was not in love with this either.

I decided to cut my loses and paint it back gray. Another disaster struck :) The yellow and brown paint was peeling up! I was scared it was going to pull up the gray paint on the sides of the cubby so I used an Xacto to score the paint line between the yellow and gray. It was surprisingly easy to pull up the paint with my fingers.

Have you ever had paint do this before? I think it has something to do with humid air? I had my doors and windows open in the apartment and the air was moist. 

Vaccumed out the paint, and repainted gray. 

I ended up hanging pictures inside of the cubbies. I like it. I’m so done with this thing.

Why did the painted backs not work on my shelf when they look so good on other peoples shelves?
Here are my conclusions:
  • It was not cohesive. There were only 3 backs that could be painted versus painting the backs of all of the cubbies like in my inspiration picture.
  • The cubbies are small and too deep.
After all of that, here she sits in the middle of my living room :) The white bowl is filled with koozies and the change jar is for laundry! Here is more on decorating shelves.

Check out what it happening on wall in the background :) Can you guess what it is?

Since before and afters are the best part anyway… here’s one more good look:

    Have you ever repainted a piece of furniture? Awhile back I spray painted this desk gray too. Have you ever thought you had a genius idea, and then it turns into a waste of time? What do you think of the painting the backs of shelves trend? I’d love to hear…


    1. i like what you did with the storage system, it looks so clean and modern with the new paint color. and love that you gave a shout out to glidden. my bf actually works for the company so i love to see people that use the paint.


    2. I think it turned out really cute! I've started doing posts called "Things I've learned" about all of my colossal fails. I'm going to post soon about this really time-consuming rug that I finished making, and then put it in the dryer and it was completely shredded. I guess we learn something from it, right? Haha!


    3. Since my maiden name was "Glidden" I just have to tease you about your typos!

      You did a great job on this! I agree that the backs of the shelves needed to stay gray. If all the cubes were backed, it would look uniform, but the backs look coordinated this way.

      Great post!
      Melissa Glidden Richardson

    4. Tell your BF his paint rocks :)

    5. Do you get free paint?! Bc that would be awesome! I'm so bad with typos. Thanks for letting me know :) I think I fixed them all! I can't spell the brand name wrong!

    6. Thanks! I probably have 2 fails for every one good crafty thing :) Practice makes perfect!

    7. Looks great! I'd love for you to stop by http://www.natural-nester.blogspot.com and link up to our Naturally-Nifty party. It just opened today!


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