3 Tricks Thursday (shower caddy, shade, and pictures)

I have lots of tricks. I’m thinking every now and again, on a Thursday I’ll share a few home related tricks I’ve discovered. I can’t write a whole post about any one of these topics, but in 3’s I think it works out for everyone!

1: Shower caddy. For the past 6 months Andy has had no shower caddy. We bought one, but this was happening:
And all of the bottles would fall out. The suction cup things only kind of work. This happened in the Austin condo too (long before the blog), and we fixed it the same way. All you need is a simple rubber band, and voila… problem solved.

See it up there around the shower head. It will never fall again.

2: Lamp. This was Andy’s one and only lamp for 6 months:

It is one of those $8.00 Target specials back in August when all the dorm stuff was in full swing. Don’t mind the pinterest on the computer screen :) I have an extra lamp that has not found a home in the new apartment and the lamp shade looks like this…

I just plopped it right on top of the Target lamp. A totally free, 15 second makeover! What a difference a lamp shade makes.
3: Pictures. I gave this desk a makeover back in Austin. We spray painted it gray, then I added some yellow adhesive stickers under the glass. I just wasn’t feeling the yellow stickers anymore, so on a whim as we were setting up the desk after the move I threw a few pictures under the glass. The same pictures that used to be in my apothecary jar in Austin. I love it, and since I spend a lot of time at this desk it’s nice to feel like my friends and family are hanging out with me :)

How do you feel about 3 tricks Thursday? Have you ever had an issue with your shower caddy or thrown a random shade on top of a cheap, ugly floor lamp? Do you have any tricks of your own you want to share? I’d love to hear…


  1. Love it! And what a difference a shade makes!

  2. LOVE that I made the table!!! Super cute idea hun! I also really needed the shower caddy trick! It's been driving me nuts when all my stuff falls out:/ YAY for 3 trick Thurs!:)

  3. Great ideas!! K, so your lamp thing is GENIUS!! I never knew you could put a shade on those lamps. Awesome. I'm with you with the shower caddy thing. I've had the same problem and the same solution (pretty much). I just used a hair elastic (since they're right there!) to keep the caddy from falling.

  4. great ideas

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