3 Tricks Thursday (facebook timeline, magnets, and iPhone backgrounds)

*Trick #2 makes me really happy every time I open my medicine cabinet!

1. Facebook timeline. I’ve heard lots of complaints about the ol’ timeline. But, it’s not so bad, promise! Once you get use to it, you’ll forget how the old one looked! One trick that is hard for me to remember is the hidden  “posts by others” tab. See it highlighted in my picture? If you never look at this view you might miss something fun a reader was trying to show/ask/say to you.

2. Magnets. I saw this trick somewhere, but it did not work in our plastic, Austin medicine cabinet. It will only work if you have an old school metal one. It takes 5 seconds, and instantly gives you a little more space. 
3. DIY iPhone Backgrounds.  Turn any image from the internet into wallpaper for your iPhone in 3 super easy steps.  
1. Pull up any image from your phone’s internet browser. I pulled up “I’m sew very happy” from C.R.A.F.T. Sprik Space created 100 simple, pretty designs to use as wall paper for your phone.

 2. Press on the picture until this pops up. (about 3 seconds) Press save image.

3. Image is now stored in your pictures. Go to your pictures and click “use as wallpaper”. Move and scale your image and click set. The choose to either “set lock screen” or “set home screen” or “set both”.

 I change mine all. the. time. Here it is today:

Happy Thursday :)


  1. #1 Nah
    #2 is pretty cool! now I wish I did have my old metal cabinet back :)
    #3 I'm still using my trusty OLD flip phone, til the day it no longer works.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. I'm so clueless on Facebook. Thank you for pointing out this feature, I had no idea it was there!

  3. How do you get to the post by others tab?? I just made the switch and I can't figure out how to get to that point from the timeline?? Thanks!

  4. Regarding your medicine cabinet, years ago, I used to stick the soft sided velcro to my make up pencils and mascara and the rough side velcro to the back of the medicine cabinet door. The blush sat vertically upright on a shelf. It was easy to take out my make up and use with the mirror of the cabinet.

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