3 tricks (frames, file cabinet, doors)

Just 3 random tricks I’ve collected over the last few weeks…


1. 2 white frames from Micheal’s for $2.06 each.


Here are the calculations: $6.99 – %40 off ($2.80)= $4.19/2= $2.06 per frame

It’s probably cheaper to buy these than buying frames at Good Will and spray painting them white. Think cost of frames, gas, time, and spray paint! I’m loving my $2.06 frames! Use a little screw driver and unscrew the hinges from the frames. Voila, 2 frames!

Here they are on the wall:
2. File cabinet- I repainted an old canvas in the same fashion asĀ  C.R.A.F.T. #94: Ikat Canvas, and hung it with 3M command strips on the back of the file cabinet.You can see the big ikat in the right hand corner.

3. Doors- sometimes taking doors down makes a room (or closet) in my case so much more usable. Another great thing about renting… we asked the building manager to take down the doors on our way out of town for the weekend, came home and voila….doors down and gone!

Because the building manager was so speedy, I don’t have any other before of the closet… Having the doors down is incredible. It really feels like another room! It was the kind of closet where you had to push the doors out of the way to view the other half of the closet. They made half of the closet useless, and they were heavy! I love the no door thing.

Have you ever taken down doors? From a closet? Bedroom? Pantry? Covered up the back of an ugly piece of furniture with a frame of painting? Are you taking a trip to Micheal’s today for white frames :) Or where do you typically go for frames? Spill the beans, baby…


  1. Love it! I took down doors on one of my closets once. I replaced them with a Extra Long Fabric Shower curtains..I didn't even know they made such a thing until I saw them on clearance at Target one day. They looked beautiful and softened up the space :)
    Crafty Soccer Mom

  2. What person said your never too old to learn? I believe that. Your frame idea is great inspiring to me. Have 2 double frames: Cant wait to find them 1 of 3 places hahahaha. Thans Sweet stuff.

  3. Lovely frame ideas! New follower from live,laugh,rowe! Joining Blog Hop!
    Blessings, Audrey

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