3 tricks (air vents, lists, manual binder)

I’ve got 3 more tricks for you…
Trick #1:  Keeping appliance manuals in order.  I used an electric 3 ring hole punch from work (I actually did this a few months ago!) to hole punch all of the appliances manuals I had stashed in a basket in the laundry room. I put them all in a binder with dividers. Broken dryer, no problem… flip to the dryer tab to trouble shoot!
Trick #2: Random sized air vents. I actually found this trick from a lovely reader after I did this post. I never used it until we decide to move Florida, and realized if we want to keep our HVAC systems running smoothly we needed to invest in filters for our renter. I can’t expect everyone to use XACTO’s to manipulate air filters :) Filters-now.com is pure greatness. The filters come in every single size. At this price it makes each filter come put to $12.98. Next time we will get the bugger discount and buy 12 at a time!

Trick #3: Shopping lists, coupons, and light bulb. I write my grocery lists on used envelopes that way I can put my coupons in the envelope. I trace the light bulb so I can make sure I’m buying the right one in the store… there are so many stinkin’ light bulbs out there.  I wish I could say I plan shopping trips like this all the time… I don’t :) But, it sure is easier when I do!

Do you have a big ol’ basket of appliance manuals waiting to be organized? Are you a grocery list maker? How do you store your coupons? Do you have a funky air vent? If you have any other little tricks to make everyday life easier, e-mail me at craftaway gmail com! You might just see your trick appear on 3 tricks Thursday :)


  1. How freakin smart to do your grocery list on an envelope. Good tip!


  2. Darlene Bender says:

    You have really great tips! I also use the binder system for owners manuals, but I use the heavy weight sheet protectors, that way it is contained, and doesn’t get crumpled.
    Keep up the good work!

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