34 DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

I’ve rounded up 34 crafty, cute DIY kid Halloween costume ideas to make this Halloween…

34 DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas


1. Cheeseburger

DIY Halloween costumes

2. Clown

Koala bear baby costume {+ cute baby costumes}

 5. Dwight

6. Astronaut 

Astronaut Costume


7. Carrot 
Homemade halloween costumes for babies: DIY carrot costume!
DIY Halloween kid costumes
DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas
10. Gnome
DIY Panda bear baby Halloween costume
12. Mouse
13. Skunk


15. Dice @ E-How


make a Halloween Dice Costume
16. Hippie: This was another one of those, “Please, Please, Please… It is all I’ve ever wanted”  childhood moments of mine… My mom made my friend and I these hippie outfits in 5th grade!
hippie kid halloween costume
18. Mermaid
21. Chicken
22. Owl
23. Peacock
25. iPod
26. Slurpee
homemade kids halloween costume ideas
DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas
DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas
What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume? Do you make costumes for your kids? Do they beg you to be a certain thing? What is the cool costume this year? I’d love to hear…


  1. Haha! The baby bum cracks me up! My mom always made our costumes.. my younger brother and I were normally a set of something. Raggedy ann and andy.. fred and wilma.. mikey and minnie. Homemade costumes are the best.

    • my friend did the baby bum last year for her son and it was the cutest little thing ive ever seen! he had his hobo bag and his little sign with his beard!

      • You don’t think the baby bum is perhaps a bit tasteless? Homelessness if certainly not a funny thing.

        • Oh please. You could say that about any number of Halloween costumes. It’s a little thing called FUN. No, homelessness is not a funny thing. But a toddler dressed as a bum is pretty darn cute. Everyone and every group finds a reason to take offense at any little things these days. You can’t spend your life worrying about stuff like that. There’s a big difference between harassing a homeless person standing on the street and dressing your baby has a hobo.

          • Omg!! I agree with you and my son just may be this for Jalloween this year. People relax have fun if we took every costume to offense Halloween wouldn’t even be celebrated!! It’s one day/couple hours to be anything you want to be relax!!! If you don’t agree with too much skin being shown ( the mermaid, clown) then alter it for your child no need for rude comments. Someone worked hard on these costumes not for you to bash them. Maybe find something better to channel your negativity to. I think they are all amazing and pretty amazing parents to take the time to try and MAKE a great costume for their very loved children. Makes me angry…. Always gotta have a Debbie downer in the bunch.
            Great jobs moms/dads/grandparents ❤

        • ARE YOU SERIOUS???? REALLY? If that cute costume offends you so profoundly perhaps you should sell your computer and donate the cash to a shelter!

          • We are really contemplating doing this for our 3 year old….
            LOVE it!

          • HAHA. sell your computer! haaha. Yeah you dont really need to Dis on halloween Costumes.. Its dressing up.. its funn… Now if someone is dressed like you. Then you can complain.. But if that baby wasnt cute to you then you dont have a since of humor so who would dress like you. haha

        • I agree baby bum isn’t exactly the best costume especially in this economy.

  2. Aw, thanks for including my Slurpee costumes!

  3. amaebi519 says:

    Some of these are precious and very clever – home made costumes are the best! I had this pinned, but now that I see your page I’m taking it down – sexualizing little girls is awful (you have actually seen the California Gurls video, right?), and I don’t think making fun of homelessness is okay either. Wish the choices were better edited.

    • I’m happy you took it down if that is how you feel! Everyone’s opinion is welcome on C.R.A.F.T.! (ps I’ve never seen California Gurls)

      • Zippy Tu Yu says:

        Some people just like to pee in the punch bowl. These pictures are so cute and bring fun into the kids lives as well as the adults who see them…Halloween is an innocent time of life where you can be a pretend person for one day/night. Very cute and clever costumes. Thanks for posting.

        Just found your site and I’m going to have fun exploring.

      • Shana Taylor says:

        Um.. that little girl was CANDY DOTS.. not Katy Perry BTW. Use your eyes and brain together please!

    • w. burns says:

      Really? Sexualizing? Homeless? wow, you are a nut job!!

    • Katie C says:

      Amaebi519- You are insane lol. It’s people like you who ruin the fun things like Halloween for others! These costumes are adorable and creative! Thanks for the ideas!

    • I agree with amaebi519.
      Most of these are cute and creative, but that clown costume is more appropriate for an adult woman than a toddler child.

      For everyone else, there’s no need to call each other names like “nut job” or accuse others of “ruining fun things”. Everyone’s opinion is different, everyone’s boundaries are different, and everyone is entitled to share them.

      • I love the clown costume. Going to buy the headbands now. Sexualizing??? REALLY??? A child’s swimming suit is a lot more revealing. I find witches, devils, zombies, murder victims and murderers a lot more disturbing. My theory is that unless you are already thinking in the gutter the clown is just adorable.

      • All of the costumes are cute. People can take their negative attitudes elsewhere. If you don’t like it, then don’t look at it.

    • I am not a fan of the idea of dressing a child up to make fun of the homeless/”bums” either.

    • I would agree that the clown and mermaid are a little too immodest for my taste – they’re little girls, let’s keep them covered up and teach them to respect themselves.

  4. These are so super cute! I can’t wait to make my baby the bum, my daughter the paper doll, and my oldest son King Kong. Thanks for putting this together!

  5. I think the best costume I ever had was the year I went as a stop sign. My mom cut out yellow poster board and we drew the design. Then, I went over it with glow in the dark paint, and holographic (fine glitter) paint over the lettering. I got so much candy that year.

  6. Crystal says:

    Such cute ideas! A couple of years ago, I made my (then) 9 yr old daughter a Jelly Belly costume:). Maybe my most inspired/creative moment yet:)

  7. I love love love homemade costumes. I hope my kids will share my enthusiasm and never ask for a commercial Halloween costume.

  8. Michelle says:

    I was a Black-eyed P for Halloween last year. I took a plain, white shirt, marked the letter P with a sharpie on it, and blacked my eye with black eye shadow. Easy and cute! :)

    • super creative :)

    • I did the exact same costume when I was in high school.

    • cheryl wagner says:

      How cute, One year I was GREEN and my partner had a sign that said ENVY, another time I was a Deviled Egg, had devil costume on with a white egg and yolk made out of felt on the front. Another time I was Fall, had vines and leaves on me. Another time I was poison IVY had vines and spots on me. These are just a few I’ll think of more

  9. I *adore* making homemade costumes for my kids. My favorite so far was the angel I made for my 9 year old daughter. I made a white tulle tutu she wore over white leggings and a white leotard, and I fashioned a huge set of wings out of card board, elastic straps and lots and lots of feathers! (My son went as a devil, wearing red fleece pants, red top and a red hooded cape we attached horns and a tail. Easy!) Would love to send a picture if you’re interested…

  10. Most of these are cute, but the “Baby Bum” costume seems like it’s making fun of people who have lost their job or home (which is a lot of people in this economy). Kinda heartless.

    • There is a big difference between homeless people and families who have lost their jobs and/or homes and bums. I volunteer with an organization that provides temporary shelter for homeless families in churches. I also manage property in a downtown business district and all too often encounter bums who are in those conditions by choice. They vandalize private property and often frighten people with their agressive begging for money. They prefer sleeping in vacant property (vandalizing it in the process) and on the streets over sleeping in shelters, primarily because there are rules to follow in shelters.

      I think the baby bum costume is adorable!

  11. one year i went as a baby at the age of 15 and my 2 year old brother (at the time) went as a buisness man! and one year i went as a bag of grapes. we usually stick to homeaide costumes also. one year we made my grandma dress as old mother hubbard bc hubbard is her last name! that was my absolute favorite . but my oldest brother wore just a white t-shirt this past year and wrote costume on it! that was quite humerous to me.

  12. Do you have directions for any of these costumes? I LOVE the peacock!

  13. The “Baby bum” is offensive.

    There is nothing funny about being homeless.

    • I have been homeless I am not offended , I remember dressing up as a hobo as a child, ya know with the stick and hankie ! They were fun times , anyways its not about offending people its about having fun and thats why Halloween is for children because they don’t make things more complicated then they need to

    • OMG! I think your the person that handed out bible verses and no candy on Halloween last year, LOL!

  14. I have 4 kids so their halloween costumes are mostly homemade. As are birthday outfits to anyones party and halloween. Actually we just dress ip any chance we get. They usually go as a set. 1 year 3 gorillas and a banana another the wizard of oz. This year my 9 yr old son will be lego man and 4 year old lil brither a legi block. 10yr old girl a glamingo yep a glamed up flamingo and 7 yr old sis a peacock. Abd yes ive already started on costumes.

    • A glamorous flamingo… i love the things kids come up with! I’d love to see pictures of your costumes on C.R.A.F.T. facebook!

  15. i don’t like the clown costume, it doesn’t seem appropriate for the girl in it and i agree with those saying being a bum isn’t cool(being homeless would rather suck)and people are entitled to an opinion and shouldn’t be ripped about it(freedom of speech?)

    • I’m am 13 years old and i feel that you are one of many childish people who have nothing better to do but judge others on things they do better than you so i say all of should stop looking on this site because your not worth the comment space! I am planning on making my brothers and cousins costumes from the wonderful ideas.

  16. my favorite is the baby bum sooo funny. Makes me laugh. And to all of you complaining about it making fun of the homeless, grow up its very funn.

  17. I made a Red Baron costume complete with tri-plane (it was 6ft across!) for my son and the following year his costume was a soldier in a tank. All from boxes, duct tape, paint, and some glue.

  18. Re: the Bum, I would probably lose the sign and the beard and find a wireless game controller. Slacker Baby 😉

    I adore the owl, pinnochio, and the baby peacock.

  19. People are taking these costumes WAY TO SERIOUS. They are suppose to inspire you to create your own that works for you. The clown one shows a little too much skin for my 4 year old- not to mention it would be a
    Little nippy here in Utah! Throw on some leggings and a long sleeve shirt and keep the rest the same. No biggy and really not offensive. There are some really great ideas on here, and after having a repunzel costume made for my daughter last year ($50 OUCH!) this year we will be doing it homemade & on a budget!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  20. I don’t understand how the clown costume is sexualized. She’s wearing a tutu. Adorable!

  21. My sister made a super cute skunk costume. (sorry I don’t have a pic). She put black sweat pants on inside out, black hoodie on inside out, made felt ears and glued them to the hood. Glued a white feather boa down the back of the hoodie, and a black feather boa so it dangled from the waist with the white boa in the center of it. She wore black gloves with it (we live in Michigan, so it is COLD on Halloween). She used black eye liner to color the tip of her nose and make whiskers.

    • Love this idea! I might have to use this for my almost three year old and I this year! Thank you!

    • We saw someone do something similar here a few years ago. When we first saw the costume, the child had fallen down and was on its hands and knees. My husband truly thought (it was dark after all) it was a giant skunk and freaked out for a second. It is the one costume we have seen someone else do that he still talks about years later.

  22. Theses are super cute. In my town the baby bum would be gret. Most every corner has someone with a sign. And not because they are homeless but because they are too lazy to get a real job.

  23. k gregory says:

    The baby bum is hilarious. You people need to lighten up. As gory as Halloween has become, the bum is so benign. Stop being so politically correct

  24. So cute! I love the Dwight! Ohhh…

  25. How did they do the beard for the baby bum? My cousins little boy would be adorable and I can’t figure it out.

    • I’ve used vasaline and coffee!! Works well!

    • Wes n Os Mama says:

      Brown eyeliner, time consuming, but non-irritating, and easier to wipe off than Vaseline!

    • Rebecca you could also use wasable markers or crayons I recently made my son a clown for a photo shoot and used washable marker for red cheeks and nose and patted with a puff with baby powder to set it… Worked like a charm no smears he’s 15 mo. Old

  26. I have made the chicken costume for my daughters very first fall festival. It was ADORABLE! She was only 7 months old so the chicken feet ( kitchen gloves) dangled well and instead of making a hood for it I used one of those “floating feather” hair clips and her beak was her pacifier. She has also been a pink poodle made from those fluffy mesh bath loofahs, “lil miss priss” ( a baby beauty queen complete with titled sash), and last year she was a shaggy dog (she’s a dog lover). I’m in search of something extra creative for her and her new baby brother this year. my mother ALWAYS made our costumes (all four of us) and I am trying to carry that tradition on for my child as well.

  27. I made my 3 y/o and 6 month old daughters the clown costume last year. Since it was chilly outside, we just put a long sleeve onesie underneath for the baby and a long sleeve leotard for my 3y/o for warmth. Not sexual in any way at all!

    • Oh, and we also used different patterned leg warmers on their legs and arms. It was adorable.

  28. I love the scuba costume. How do I make it or order it?

  29. One year I made my boy a rubix cube. Just a box, construction paper and I used some laminating sheets to protect the construction paper. Bought a black sweat suit that he could reuse during the cold months that way I wasn’t buying unneeded stuff.

  30. I did the gnome on my 1 1/2 yr old last year. Got a lot of compliments. like the air balloon and scuba diver. Might try one this year.

  31. The mermaid and clown costumes are wonderful! And who has never seen a hobo on Halloween. I think you posted some really great ideas and I am going to make the lego ones for my kiddos this year.

  32. these are adorable!!!!!!!! my mother used to make me and my brother’s costumes growing up!! i feel she had so much fun doing it!! soooo this year i decided to learn how to sew…and i am making my 3 year old a dinosaur costume this year!! almost done and can’t wait to carry on the tradition with my kids!!!

    • We used to dress our kids up with homemade costumes every year… I remember one year sending my son out as a bug strip.. he wore a black track suit.. we spray painted a box yellow put it on him and glued plastic bugs all over him… it was fun.

  33. I just turned 50 and I hope no one plans on dressing their kids up as an old lady…..I will be offended. :)

  34. i’ve seen “hobo” costumes for kids and adults sold in stores. and as for sexualizing little girls, swim suits do show more than those costumes and go to any halloween store you will see other costumes that are just as bad……… plus if you go to a bar costume party you will find pregnant nuns, Tampon Man, Big hairy guys dress as prostitutes, childrens favorite cartoons portrayed in a sexual manner, and all other kinds of tasteless costumes.

  35. When I was little, my parents were flat broke. But my all time favorite homemade costume was being a Bag of Jelly Belly’s. My mom got a heavy duty clear plastic trash bag, cut out a hole for my head and arms. Then my parents blew up assorted colors of water balloons (not with water, with air). They slid the plastic bag over the top of my head and pulled my head and arms through the holes. Then they stuffed the bag with the balloons and tied of the bag around my waist. I love it!

  36. Very Very cute ideas. I have 4 boys and my youngest is 6. I am seriously considering dressing him up as the bum. I really wouldn’t have to put much paint on his face, because no matter how hard I try to keep him clean, dirt finds him. My mom made our costumes when we were little, and I was a skunk for halloween when I was in 1st grade. I wish I could post the pic, because I was adorable. Black body suit, black leotards, skunk ears and a tail. Then she painted my face black. I remember turning around and pretending to spray the other kids. Soooo super cute and original!!

  37. Kelly Yurgan says:

    How did you make the candy strip costume? I want to make that for my daughter who is dressing up as Katy Perry.

  38. These are cute costumes. I wanted to let you know that I am featuring you on Oct. 26,2012 on Simpleesue. Thank you.

  39. People always like drama…a clown is a clown. I remember my mom making me a flapper costume when I was I’ was in first grade…..way more provocative than a clown and I won the contest! It was a hit because most know halloween is about FUN and kids don’t think sexual anyhow. Lighten up and live.

  40. Here a suggest for the baby bum costume. Would changing the name to HOBO instead of bum be a better name choice for the costume idea. Just a friendly suggestion.

  41. I am in LOVE with the clown costume and I want to make it for myself! Would that be possible? I’m 16 so sadly, I’m not a little child :( Does anyone know how to make it? It’s so cute! Thanks in advance (:

  42. One year my mom said i was too old to go trick or treating (9 years old) but at the last minute she changed her mind, this happened alot haha anyways my brother worked in a factory so i took one of his white sanitary jumpsuits and stuffed it with pillows. I was a marshmellow, it was all great until parents thought it was funny to give their kids lighters and sticks to chase me with haha looking back it was kinda funny. And as for the bum comments maybe ppl whose children cant have the candy can ask for change and donate it to a shelter cuz it is sooooooo cute nobody would say no!

  43. AWESOME IDEAS! Love them all – just wish my kids were little enough to dress them how *I* wanted! Still hoping to talk them into one :-)

  44. Could you email me directions for the scuba costume? Thx!

  45. man if we as a country dont start toughening our skins we are in for one hell of a ride. the rest of the world laughs at us because we are a bunch of “offended” and “politically correct” people. the rest of the world is not worried about being offended or offending others. sheesh people it is a fun day for all. Happiness is a choice. if you are not happy then change your choice. the costumes are adorable. if you dont like one, well here is an idea..,…dont dress your kids like that! good grief. it is a list of costumes to give ideas not a law that says you have to dress your kids like that…or that you have to have a dirty mind and go to the gutter. grow up and grow some skin people.

  46. I would like to know how u made the pinochio for kids and the pocahontas for adult but for a 6 year old plz

  47. My favorite costume was Pippi Longstocking! We dyed my hair red with a wash-out rinse, and my mom braided it over wire coat hangers, so it would stick out. Then I got freckles from an eyebrow pencil. SO much FUN!

  48. I really need a costume I was gona be a tribute for the hunger games,but the jacket costs 50 some dollars even though it’s Worth 5-15 dollars!


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