25 ways to give back to your community

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I did a quick google search to learn that FEMA has declared 78 major disaster declarations in the United States, so far, this year. Seventy Eight.  There is no doubt that all communities have needs… things like cleaning up parks, highways, feeding the hungry, education, domestic violence, helping the elderly… the list goes on and on. There are so many charities, events, things you can do to help your own small/big/rural/urban town, U.S. current economy+natural disasters+everyday community needs= YOU can REALLY make a difference :)

Some of the natural disasters of 2011…

Tornadoes in N. Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma

Mississippi River Flooding

Hurricane Irene

Wild Fires in Texas

I’ve come up with a list of things to do to give back to your community. Some are simple and some are more involved, but all are good :) I tried to make the list work for any community, U.S.A. Make it a fun, hands on learning experience for you and your family :)

1: Enter your zip code HERE to get a list of volunteer opportunities.
2: Volunteer at one of the 3,190 shelters in the USA.
3: Donate, shop, volunteer, advocate for Good Will.
4: Donate books to H-E-B Sept. 7-20.
5: Host a garage sale, and give the proceeds to a local charity.
6: Find local charities HERE.
7: Take your kids and their friends on a trash walk and clean up a local park.
8: Team up with a friend and find a local Meals on Wheels program.
9: Be in the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) at your local school.
10: Have an idea for a service project … Learn how to turn your volunteer idea into a successful service project using our do-it-yourself toolkits from our government.
11: Volunteer or donate to a local food bank. 
12: Be a big brother or a big sister.
13: Volunteer to tutor kids after school.
14: Quilt for charity.
15: Handmade crafts for a cause: Craft Hope (I have this book!)
16: Collect and turn in your box tops for education.
17: Collect non perishable food items at your next birthday party in lieu of gifts.
18: Adopt a pet or foster a pet.
19: Plant a tree.
20: Improve vocabulary and give rice. (I use this at school!)
21: Host a movie night dedicated to exploring a social issue and discuss with friends/ kids/family after Examples: Blind Side, Blood Diamond, Bella, Juno, Fireproof, Taken
22: Pick flowers, put them in mason jars, and brighten up your local senior center :) (my mom does this one!)
23: Put together a birthday bag for a child living in a shelter.
24: Send a letter to a solider.
25: Start a community garden. Check out Austin, TX and Ann Arbor, MI good work! I lived right next door to this one in college :)

I would love to hear other ideas, opinions, or experiences… (you guys know how nosy curious I am :)

p.s. HERE are 31 ways to help with the wild fire effort in Texas.

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