2011-2012 Design Team Call

Would you like $1800 worth of free PSA Stamp Products?
Apply to be a member of the deisgn team :)
I love PSA Essential Stamps… Remember these?
As a design team member, you are showing PSA Essentials customers how to use Peel & Stick stamps in the most clever, unique and creative ways possible. In return for being on the design team you will receive…

·         Receive our entire line of stamps, inks, tools:  a retail value of $1,800

·         Receive new Peel & Stick packs as they are released throughout the year

·         Receive $50 per project that is printed in magazine, $250 if you land the cover

·         Occasionally receive free product from our cross promotional partners

·         A crafting resume builder!

Requirements for Design Team:  As a design team member, you are showing our customers how to use Peel & Stick stamps in the most clever, unique and creative ways possible.

·         1 year term:  September 1st, 2011 to August 31st, 2012

·         Create 3 projects per month, photograph them and mail them to us

·         Occasionally participate in blog hops, or cross-promotional opportunities as they arise

Applying is easy.  Send 3 examples of your work,  a very brief introduction to yourself and your blog address to [email protected] by August 1st, 2011. Please put:  2011-2012 DESIGN TEAM CALL APPLICATION in the subject matter. Our new team will be chosen and announced on August 15th.    Good luck!


  1. Jamie, are you a design team member? I got the email from Libby yesterday and am debating it, but just a bit intimidated by the 3 projects per month thing! Thanks!

  2. I would love to apply but I guess my dumb question is whether you have to submit projects using PSA projects? I have one PSA peel and stick stamp but it's my home address and I haven't used it for any projects. Can it be 3 general paper projects?

  3. Natalie, I'm in the same boat. I have a full time job and a blogging obsession :) I'm trying to decide if I can really commit to 3 quality projects a month!

  4. That was my question too. I actually don't own any PSA products (yet!), so I was wondering if that was part of the 3 project submission requirements. Hmmmm. Tempting!

  5. I am assuming that your submission projects do not HAVE to include PSA stamps…I don't know this for sure. I think your best bet would be to email Libby :)

  6. Hmmm, see I was assuming you did have to use all PSA stamps and that was why they would send you their entire line. I don't have any at all right now, but I figured once they sent you that package, then you would start creating and submit 3 things/month using their products. But, you're right… shouldn't assume… should just ask!

  7. I was thinking your 3 projects that you used to apply did not have to use PSA stamps…(what if you currently don't have any). But, for SURE your 3 projects you submit each month once you are accepted as a design team member need to include PSA stamp products… Sorry for the confusion! I hope that helps.

  8. Thanks for featuring my pretzel flag! :)

  9. It's so tempting but that's a LOT of projects … I'm not sure I can handle that. I'll have to mull it over.

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