#2: Tamarind

As some of you know, my New Year’s resolution involves herbs and spices…check it out HERE, if you would like.  For January, I used cardamom, and this month…I discovered tamarind! You’ve probably all had tamarind at some point or another, but to actually see it, smell it , and use it is another story… at least for me :) As part of the BF’s Christmas present, I bought a Thai cooking class to Thai Fresh.  We both l o v e  Thai food…and learning to cook is something we can both enjoy together.
Here is where tamarind comes form:


Here is tamarind paste…this what we we used for Pad Thai…it tastes sweet!


Our teacher’s name was Jam who happens to have a BLOG… 
Jam taught us to make 4 dishes:
-Red Curry


All of the food was d e l i c i o u s & 
she made it look SO easy. 
Tamarind was only in the Pad Thai…we learned to make tamarind water. 
[you can too, HERE]

Fresh ingredients:

You can buy some hard to find Asian ingredients: 

Our coconut soup: 

marbling effect needed for red curry:

2 key ingredients in Thai cooking…fish sauce was 3 of the 4 dishes:

Did you know: [straight from Jam’s blog] Almost all Thai dishes has this amazing seasoning. Add fish sauce to anything, and it will do wonders. Funnily enough, when on its own, fish sauce smells and tastes very pungent. When added to dishes and cooked, fish sauce completes the taste of Thai cooking as it blends and supports other flavors. Soy sauce should not be used as a substitution. The two sauces are different in almost everything.

the difference between sticky rice and regular rice…sticky rice is cloudy:

community cooking :)

Our delicious pad thai :)

The BF and I are going to attempt Pad Thai and Red Curry on our own next week. 
Keep your fingers crossed :)
Next month, I am going to use Thyme. Know of any good recipes?


  1. Oooo I love Pad Thai AND red curry! Pad Thai is my thing, red curry is my hubby's. It's so much fun to make!

  2. So how! My husband got me to fall in love with him by serving me lots and lots of green curry!

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