Laundry room ideas

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Our apartment in Florida had one washer and dryer on every other floor of the 16 story building we called home. True. So, when we moved into our current house almost 2 years ago, a washer and dryer that we did not have to share was uber exciting news! We spent way too long trying to decide if we wanted a front loader or a top loader washing machine, and ultimately decided on a front loader for this reason, we could (at some point) stack them into this little nook! So, I’ve got some laundry room ideas to help you keep even the tiniest of laundry rooms organized and cute!

Tiny laundry room ideas


Since our laundry “room” is in our garage and is way more of a nook than a room, we had big plans of stacking the washer and dryer. We ended up getting an awesome deal on a washer and dryer (all about that here), but they are not the same brand and so the pre made stacking kit wasn’t going to work for us.  We were going to have to build our own. And 2 years later, voila! It’s finally done! This project could be done in a weekend, but we made it last 4 months… you know, just for fun! (Maxwell makes big DIY projects very tricky these days!) Here’s the simple plan I had brewing in my head for our tiny laundry room:

Tiny laundry room ideas

And here are my tiny laundry room ideas to make it as organized as possible:

1. Hanging space: Andy used pipes to build a super functional hanger. Any hanging space is better than none!

2. Lights: We added rope lighting on the inside of  both of the square frames since our garage is pretty dark.

3. Baskets: We have 3 labled: Pods, Stains, and Lint

4. Wire shelves: Instead of building fancy wood shelves, we opted to make the stand alone wire shelves work.

5. Rug: So when you drop laundry it doesn’t fall on the garage floor. Oh and it looks cute!

6. Top shelf: This shelf is not necessary, but super useful to store larger items in your garage.

Tiny laundry room ideas


I love how our laundry nook turned out! It so much more functional and cute. We even have hanging space! The 3 baskets are labeled: Pods, Stain stuff, and Lint! It’s a laundry miracle.

Tiny laundry room ideas


To see the step by step tutorial (and tons more pictures) of how Andy built the laundry nook, check out Home Depot’s blog, The Apron!

Tips for traveling with a mobile baby via airplane

Maxwell and I have traveled a lot together in his 11 months of life! Here are our tips for traveling with tiny baby via airplane and our tips for road trips with a baby.) We’ve been to Utah, Colorado, Georgia, New York, Connecticut, and even the Dominican Republic! We’re actually in Florida right now, check out my instagram feed for pictures! So, here’s the deal: There is a big difference when traveling with a 3 month old vs. a very active, walking 11 month old. I’m doing a little update on my original post to share what I’ve learned about traveling with a baby via airplane.

Travel with baby

Oh and for the record, some of my traveling with a 0-6 month baby tips are still very necessary with my 6 + month baby so be sure and check out that post.

1. Stroller: So, when Maxwell was tiny and sleepy and I was traveling alone, it was so much easier to just carry him in his backpack through the airport. It’s also necessary to note that I was taking him to places where a stroller/car seat was not necessary, like blog conferences. He was perfectly happy to hang out on my chest! Also if you plan on renting a car, know that you can always rent a carseat! At 9 months old, and with the help of Andy, we brought the stroller on our New Years trip. It was greatness. Max loves to be pushed around in the stroller and see all of the new airport sites and people! The stroller also acts as a shopping cart holding all of our carry ons. Just gate check the stroller and you’re golden! Maxwell also used his stroller as a toy while we waited in the airport! It was also really nice to have the stroller for walks on our trip. You know your baby best, so if your baby will happily sit on your chest in a baby carrier, I still say go that route! Maxwell now prefers his stroller.

2. Family restrooms: Greatest invention ever. Max, Mom, Dad, stroller, bags…we all went to the restroom together. It’s private and big and you can take your time and not feel rushed. This would also be a good place to pump if you needed to do that.

3. Powder formula measured out in a bottle: We still nurse, but Maxwell gets distracted easily so I brought formula for the plane ride. I just brought 3 scoops of powder formula in a bottle and then asked the stewardess for 6 oz of bottled water. No issues with security or exposing my boob to the plane. And best of all, no leaky bottles in my bag.

4. Nursing and a scarf: My airplane outfit had always included a scarf, but now more than ever, I recommend brining a scarf. It’s good for covering up the boob if we do decide to nurse, keeping us warm, playing hide and seek, and then it just goes right back around my neck and spruces up my outfit!

5. New toys: We got lucky with this one since we were traveling right after Christmas, Maxwell received lots of fun new toys and books. I threw a few small ones in my bag and he loved this finger puppet book. It was fun because we could read the book, we could play hide and seek with the giraffe (hide him behind a few pages), I could stick my lips/ nose/tongue through the hole and Maxwell loved it all. This small book entertained us for 20ish minutes per flight. Maxwell also loved an empty plastic cup the flight attendant gave him.

6. The plane is new toy: Everything about the airplane is very exciting to a curious baby. The window goes up and down, the tray table goes up and down, the arm rest goes up and down, the people in the seats behind you are exciting, the seat belt clanks and clicks, and even taking a walk down the aisle and investigating the common areas. And don’t forget plastic cups, empty chip bag, and coffee stir sticks. Maxwell had a blast with the coffee stir stick, I loved him on my legs and poked his belly, shoulder, leg, arm, foot with the stick!

Tips for traveling with a mobile baby via airplane

7. Time of flight: If you have a choice, I suggest flying at bedtime. After the flight took off, Maxwell nursed and was lulled to sleep by the airplane buzz on a 7pm flight. He was out for all 3 hours. Nursing on the day time flights did not work out so well. (See tip #3.)

8. Days of flight: Our trip to Florida happen to be a Saturday- Tuesday, which are apparently slow flying days and Maxwell and I scored an empty aisle! Having 3 seats to ourselves on both flights was amazing!

9. Seats: Upon arrival to the airport, ask if it is a full flight., If not, see if you can get a seat with an empty seat next to it. The airport people are usually pretty nice to people with babies, and I promise, more room is always better.

10. Food: Bring food for baby. I brought 4 different snacks (yogurt bites, Cheerios, dried blueberries, puffs) in this handy little container. This container is awesome since it houses 4 different snacks and Maxwell can’t open it. He even enjoyed putting Cheerios back into the container. Another trick he whipped out on the plane was wanting to feed me the Cheerios!

11. Check baby stuff for free: Most airlines allow you to check up to 2 baby devices for free (pac n’ play, stroller, car seat, etc). Call the airline before you fly to make sure! I generally like to bring as few items as possible.

Tips for when you get to your destination:

12. Sound machine: I have never actually packed our sound machine, but we do use the ocean waves app on our phone! Or turn on the fan on in a bathroom.

13. If possible rent a house vs. staying in a hotel room: We’ve done both. And staying in a hotel room means parents hang out in the bathroom and eat room service after baby finally falls asleep. A house just gives you so much more room and flexibility. You can rent houses fairly inexpensively on sites like AirBnB, homeaway, and vrbo. Also think about sharing the cost of a home with another couple with a baby!

14. Babysitter: Before you go, ask friends and relatives if they have a babysitter recommendation for your little one. I’ve done this in Georgia and Utah, and had great luck with it! It makes me feel so much better that a friend I trust made the recommendation versus a hotel or sitter service. Also, if you decide to rent a house and assuming you have an extra bedroom, consider bringing a younger sibling/ cousin/ regular babysitter along on your trip. Set up a schedule before the trip to ensure that all parties are happy and clear about the expectations of the trip.



DIY Business Cards

Business cards can get pricy quick! You need a designer and then you have to print those suckers! If you have a creative business, why not just make them yourself? I’ve made a few different kinds over the years out of things like cereal boxes, coffee sleeves, paint hips, and even candy! For big events, I sometimes bite the bullet and get business cards printed, these are my current cards. You can spruce up printed cards too! But, if you’re going down the DIY business card road, here are 22 awesome ideas…
 DIY Business Cards
DIY Business cards