Yard tip: trade plants with neighbors

I can’t believe I’m about to give anyone a yard tip, ha! Our yard is nothing to write home about! But, here goes: Trade plants with your neighbors! We have a fun (sometimes obnoxious) list serve thing that our neighborhood uses to send out (mostly) useful information. We just used it to get a bunch of free plants!  And our neighbors were so excited  for Andy to come and dig them up! The plants had gotten too big or too tall or were taking over… whatever the reason, they were excited to get rid of some plants and we were happy to get new, free plants! Win- win.

trade plants with neighbors


Here’s Andy with all of his loot! I think he’s excited, ha! He dug up all of these goodies out of a neighbors yard! (Obviously with their permission!)

Trade plants with neighbors!

We got lots of varieties including this pretty ginger plant. Free plants are pretty awesome, but I also love knowing that if the plant grows well in the neighbors yard than it should (fingers crossed) grow well in our yard too! The leaves are green striped… I love it. I decided to actually plant the ginger plant in the ground. 
pots 3

And the Wandering Jew. Or purple heart? I don’t know? But, it grows really well here in Austin and has a pretty pink flower. If anyone needs any, we’re happy to share… we have tons! Word to the wise, don’t call it Wandering Jew in your neighborhood list serve! Some people are not a fan of that name! 
pots 4


So, this post was a double whammy update on my bed of pots and yard tip by yours truly. Remember when I crawled under my house to rescue a bunch of pots? And then stuck them all in one flower bed? Yea, well… I still love my potted flower bed! Everyone should have one! Here’s why:

  • It makes saving plants in the winter way easier, just move the pots into the garage.
  • You can change things up whenever you want. Or even move pots to new spots.
  • The pots don’t let weeds pop up.

If you’re new here, read this. If you’re not new, you might recall this lovely little instagram:

Unique garden beds


By some miracle of something, the lilies bloomed again. Everyone should have a few lilies… they’re easy, y’all! And they make you feel like such a green thumb. You can forget about them all winter long, and than bam! They pop up and look awesome!

How to make easy flower beds!

I added some lantana to the big pot. Oh and I stuck a pot inside of the big pot. See, the rim of the begonia? Gave the big pot a little height. Kind of fun, right? And free!

pots 2

Here are all my random yard tips in a nice little list:

  • Trade plants with your neighbors
  • Trade plant clippings with neighbors! (Cacti, Wandering Jew, Hydrangeas are easy to grow from just a clipping!)
  • Don’t call Wandering Jew Wandering Jew in your neighborhood list serve
  • Don’t be scared to plant pots inside of other pots
  • Plant some lily bulbs, and forget about them. You’ll be amazed one year later!

I think that’s all of my thrilling yard tips for now. Have you ever traded plants with the neighbors? What do you call the purple plant int the picture above? I’d love to hear…


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Monday Funday #79 {DIY projects}

Happy Sunday! I shared some cute Maxwell pictures along with our porch makeover this week. It’s pretty exciting stuff., ha! We turned a stump into plant stand and gave a pot some turquoise love. Check out the porch makeover project here. In other fun news, Maxwell had his 4 month birthday this week! I absolutely can not believe this happened 4 months ago, it seems so short and so long at the same time! Does that make any sense?  I hope y’all are having a nice, relaxing summer! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and welcome to the Monday Funday Link Party!

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Pots and stumps {Front porch makeover}

We spend a lot of time on this front porch. It’s one of Max’s favorite spots. It’s a tie between anywhere in his nursery, the hammock, and this rocking chair. Since I spend a generous amount of time out here, I decided it was time to spruce it up a bit. Plus I needed a table for my paraphernalia that I carry around with me (phone, glass of wine, you know the important things, ha)! Here’s my fancy pot and stump finished.

Front porch makeover

Here’s proof that we spend a lot of time on the chairs. I seriously have so many pics of Andy and I in these chairs! (If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen bazillions!)

pot 2

And another…

pot 4

And sometimes I sit out here without baby boy…

pot 5

Point is, we like our porch! So, I found the pot underneath our house (remember this?)… and for whatever reason decided to give it a polka dot effect last summer. Well, it’s been sitting empty since last summer and I deicded to give it a quick makeover!



I gave the entire pot a few coats of white spray paint, and then I used painters tape to tape off the angle. You can see how far up I taped… see the blue-ish mist on the top half of the pot? So, I taped a few pieces of paper over the blue and sprayed more white. An easy fix!

pot 3

And for the stump, we found it in my parents neighborhood a few months ago, all I did was pull off the bark and voila! Ok fine, Andy pulled off the bark… but it only took him about 15 minutes! We have plans to sand and make it more glossy, but we’ll see if that ever happens!

Front porch makeover

Then I took a little trip to Home Depot, bought some flowers and ivy and fancied up my pot! I’m excited to not kill this plant and watch the ivy grow down my stump!


Here’s our little spruced up front porch now… For the record, those pillows are from Target and the cute little table is from World Market! The patio furnuture came free with the house and we gave it a little spray paint makeover!

front porch makeover

Anyone else sprucing up their porch area? Painting pots? De-barking stumps? I’d love to hear…