Homemade Gift Ideas: Painted Wooden Spoons

Hi again C.R.A.F.T.ers! It’s Corey from TinySidekick and I’m back to share with you super simple homemade gift ideas for Christmas… painted wooden spoons! These would make a great stocking stuffer for the cook in your life or a fun handmade addition to a hostess gift. Maybe attach your favorite cookie recipe?Homemade gift ideas for the cook

One of my favorite things about Christmas are the colors that come along with the holiday and I had this fun idea (that may have popped in my head in the middle of the night) to spruce up some wooden spoons inspired by Santa and his Elves’ clothing. Homemade gift ideas for the cook

Pretty fun huh? The Santa suit inspired one is definitely my favorite.

Homemade gift ideas for the cook

This project is really easy. You’ll need…

  • wooden spoons (I picked up a pack of 5 at Walmart for less than 5 bucks.)
  • weather resistant craft paint. My favorite is Martha Stewart multi-surface craft paint. It is good for indoor or outdoor use, which means it is weather resistant.
  • a paint brush.
  • painter’s tape

The first step is to tape each spoon off about 2/3 up.Easy painted wooden spoons- Would be the perfect addition to a hostess gift or stocking stuffer for the cook in your life.

I started with the Santa’s suit inspired spoon by applying a coat of red paint and letting it dry. While it was drying I gave the two other spoons their base coats. One white and one green.

Once the red was dry I applied 2 coats of red glitter craft paint, waiting a few minutes between coats.

While that dried I used the bottom end of my brush to make polka-dots on the other two spoons. I simply dipped the end of the paint brush in paint and dabbed it on.

For the edge where the paint meets the wood, I wanted to mimic a furry cuff. I used the same technique as I did for the polka-dots but this time I dabbed the dots really close together to give the paint some texture and make it look fluffy.

Last, I added 3 black dots for the “buttons” on Santa’s suit.

Homemade gift ideas for the cook

I’m going to be using these as a hostess gift. I plan to tie a string around them to make a bundle and include my favorite cookie recipe.  They would really make a great neighbor or teacher gift too or just keep them for yourself and and add them to your kitchen Christmas decor! Thanks for having me today Jamie! It’s been fun! I hope that you will all head over and visit me at TinySidekick.com. I’m gearing up for a busy holiday season and getting ready to share my Christmas home tour soon!

You can find me on social media too with the buttons below! Until next month!


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Ugly Christmas sweater ideas

Andy and I are big fans of the Ugly Christmas Sweater party! It’s fun, casual and easy!  I made us some very fancy DIY ugly sweaters for last years tacky sweater season, and Andy’s sweater recently got a trim for these bad boys! If you’re new here, I’ve got a few ugly Christmas sweater ideas:



It’s like the fun game in the back of the People magazine, can you spot the difference:

Ugly Christmas sweater ideas


It was actually Andy’s idea! I told him I needed to run out to buy some used sweaters. He suggested I cut off the sleeves of his sweater! He wanted a vest, ha! We live in Texas, who needs sleeves anyway! I used the sleeves of his sweater to make fancy ugly sweaters for bottles. This is so dang easy, y’all. I used some good ol’ glitter fabric paint and red bows that I saved from a Christmas tree last year to make my bottles festive!

Ugly Christmas sweater ideas


His 2 sleeves made 4 bottle sweaters. I literally just tied the red bow around the sweater and the neck of the bottle. Bam. No sewing or gluing or anything at all. Just a little fabric glitter and red bows. The bottom edge of the bottle sweater is raw. But, look how cute?! Perfect, for an ugly sweater party!

Ugly Christmas sweater ideas


Have you ever hosted or attended an ugly sweater party? Anymore fun (and easy) decor ideas?! I’d love to hear…

C.R.A.F.T. ‘s in my house

I’ve always loved pictures, but with Maxwell, I’ve become obsessed. Like, we can’t take enough pictures. Ever. I have thousands of him sleeping. Seriously. And thousands more of him smiling and sitting and jut looking so stinkin’ cute. So, when Laura Morsman asked if I would like to do an ACL style photo session with her, I was thrilled! Pictures of the 3 of us, yes please! For those of you who are not in Austin, ACL stands for Austin City Limits. It’s a huge music festival that takes over my cute little city for 2 weekends each year. Laura had no rules for the session, she just asked that we pretend like we are getting ready to go to ACL. What would we wear? Who would I go with?  What do we love about Austin? The session was simple, cozy, and natural. Laura rocks.

She makes picture taking easy. You know, chit chats, and makes you feel like she is not taking pictures of you. Like this one below, of the lamp. I love it. Me and my Max baby just walking by the window, and bam! Amazing picture that I did not even know what being taken. Love.

For more pictures of the 3 of us and to read my interview, check out Laura’s blog post. Below, I’m sharing pictures she took of C.R.A.F.T.’s in my home. It was such a fun shoot to do because there were no rules or expectations, just my sweet fam and Laura hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. I thought it would be fun to share the pictures of the C.R.A.F.T.’s that live in my house everyday.

1. Balsa wood lampshade: I rescued the blue lamp from the dumpster when we lived in Florida!

2. Wood sliced coasters: I also made those for our living room in Flordia. I love how they look, but they do stick to the bottom of sweaty glasses.

Jamie Dorobek

3. Painted shoes: Still love these things. I wear them even more with Maxwell since they are so easy to slip on.

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

4. Chalkboard calendar (tutorial coming soon!) And this might be my very favorite picture Laura took of the 3 of us!


5. Embroider burlap: This is such an easy craft, and it makes me happy every time I see it.

6. Cricut Explore paper deer head: So cute and I made it at the Cricut Explore product launch!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT


7. Nursery gallery wall: I love all of my mama’s cross stitches!

8. Hush little baby free printable: Vanessa sent me a water color of the free printable she made in honor of Maxwell, how sweet is that!?


Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

9. Gender neutral nursery: I still really love his black and white nursery!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

10. Instagram collage: I need to add some more instas to my wall! These were all pre Maxwell. Can you spot my big trick? (I disguised the light switch!)

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

And Laura took these pictures of us on our tandem bike, this balck and white makes me happy! There are so many more great pictures (see lots more here)! I’m in the process of trying to decide which ones to blow up and where to hang them! I have so many amazing pictures on my devices, I feel like it is sad that I don’t print more out!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT


When is the last time you printed out a real picture? Had pictures taken of your family? Been to a music festival? Thank you, Laura! I love them all. Truly!