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Top secret blog project!

I’ve been making DIY puzzle cubes since 2011! (Here’s the first one I ever made.) They’re cute, easy to make and fun to play with. They make great little gifts for any age!  So, I’ve got some fun news: You can buy a 3D puzzle cube kit for $15.00! The’ll be on super special sale for $15 for the next 2 weeks, and then the real price will be $18. Buy one now for a fun summer craft for the kids! It’s everything you need to make a puzzle cube! How fun is that?

How to make a 3D puzzle cube!The kit comes all packaged up pretty, and delivered to your door!

How to make a 3D puzzle cube kitHere’s exactly what comes inside your kit:

  • 4 colors of acrylic paint (turquoise, lime green, orange, white)
  • 27 wooden blocks
  • Wood glue
  • 5 paint brushes

Buy a DIY puzzle cube craft kit here!

How to make a 3D puzzle cube kit

The only other things you will need to make the 3D puzzle cube are:

  • Q-tips (to apply the wood glue)
  • Newspaper or paper bag (to protect your crafting surface)

And if you don’t buy a kit, but still want to make a 3D puzzle cube, here are links to buy everything you need on Amazon.

Total: $24.29 Bottom line: If you just want to make a couple cubes, buy kits! If you looking to make lots of DIY puzzles it makes more sense to buy everything individually. Kits do make awesome gifts!

Making the 3D puzzle cube is super simple! First, take 23 cubes and arrange them into these 5 shapes. Next, dip a q-tip into the wood glue and carefully glue these shapes together making sure that they are square and as lined up as possible. The glue does not dry super quick so you do have a little wiggle room with each piece. Use a flat surface to make sure you are getting your blocks as straight as possible. Set the criss cross shaped piece to the side, that one is complete! It’s also fair to note, that you do not have to make your puzzle cube in the same shapes as mine! There a bazillion of ways to make this work.

How to make a 3D puzzle cube kit

Now, for the other 4 pieces you will need to glue one of the 4 remaining cubes to each piece. Follow the arrows!

How to make a 3D puzzle cube kit

Next, give the glue a few hours to dry, and then paint each piece a different color. You will end up with 4 colored pieces and one wooden piece!

How to make a DIY puzzleNow, it’s time to tackle your own puzzle! Good luck!

How to make a DIY puzzleIf you buy a craft kit, high five and thank you a bajillion for supporting C.R.A.F.T.! Remember the craft kits are on a super special sale for $15 for the next 2 weeks, and then after that, the real price will be $18! I would love for you to snap a pic and use #thecraftblog so that I can see your creations!