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valentines day ideas

Oh hello, C.R.A.F.T. lovers! Thank you so much for letting me crash your favorite blog! I brought wine, so even if you don’t like the Valentine my sweet friend, Jamie, invited me to share we can still talk about our feelings and possibly dance around in our pajamas to Wilson Phillips songs. My friends and I also have a “green box challenge” that becomes pretty popular after a drink or three, so that’s an option, as well. I’m up for whatever – you choose!!

All Things G&D

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That’s me right now, only change out “house” for “blog.”!

(Have we hit that awkward part where I’m talking too much about myself?)!

(Got it. Moving on!)!

I’m so happy to be over here at C.R.A.F.T. today, hanging out with with the super fabulous and über crafty Jamie, and sharing my love for…well…love! I’ve got an adorable little 5 year old with a sweet tooth and a class full of great friends, so here’s what we’ll be sharing with them this Valentine’s Day:!

Everyday I like you S'more

I love Valentine greetings that are age-appropriate, and this idea – plucked from Jamie’s list of 100 Clever Valentine’s Day Sayings – certainly delivers! To make, I sandwiched two pieces of graham crackers between a homemade marshmallow, cut to the same size as the graham crackers. Next, I dipped it all in a quick-setting chocolate candy coating and topped it with sprinkles.!

Everyday I like you S'more

Not interested in making your own custom-shaped, homemade marshmallows? (Clearly you’re not addicted to Project Runway marathons and trying to justify your TV time by watching it
from the kitchen. #nojudgment) You could also use a jumbo marshmallow cut in half and sandwiched between your grahams. OR – even easier! Go ahead and toss a couple slabs of graham crackers, a marshmallow or two, and a few squares of Hershey’s chocolate in a bag and gift it as a “build your own” s’mores!!

Lastly, tie on one of my free “Every Day I Like You S’more” printables so it all makes sense.

{Download free “Everyday I like you S’more” here}

Everyday I like you S'more

Like this kid-friendly Valentine idea? Check out the Valentine poppers my daughter Kate handed out last year:

Valentine ideas
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Share the Love: Mini Valentines

valentines day ideas

I love cheesy greatness! And today’s cheese is as cheesy as it gets, hardy har. I crafted up a fun little mini Valentine (or anniversary) card for your significant other. We love cheese and crackers and you don’t eat one without the other in Casa de Dorobek. Boys, your girlfriends and wives would love this too. And all you have to do is print out the tiny card, write a sweet note (important!) and grab some cheese and crackers! For even more awesomeness, write in the note that you have a special spot picked out that you are taking her to to enjoy the treats. (Don’t forget to line up a babysitter.) If you live in Austin, check out Mt. Bonnell! (And if you’re into wine, grab a bottle and print one of these 3 notes out.)

Valentine ideas for husband

Oh and the free printable comes with 3 mini Valentine cards per sheet!

{Download free printable mini Valentine card here}

Valentine ideas for husband

Adults need Valentines too, don’t ya think? For more adult Valentine ideas, check out these 7 free printable valentines for co-workers, friends, and significant others!

Share the Love: You are “Wheelie” awesome!

valentines day ideas

Valentines Day is just around the corner and we are celebrating cheesy, awesome Valentines day ideas for the 3rd year in a row here on C.R.A.F.T.  (You can check out the Share the Love 2013 edition here and the Share the Love 2014 edition here.) Every Tuesday and Friday until Valentines an awesome blogger will be sharing cheesy Valentine cuteness with us. There will be tons of free printables and heart day ideas for kids, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and significant others! For even more cheesy greatness check out this list of 100 clever Valentine day sayings and 63 non candy Valentines Day ideas.


Valentine Day sayings



This is a super easy Valentine to whip up for co-workers, neighbors, friends, or the husband! You can either print out the free printable and tape it on to the box.

{Download the free printable here}

Or you can use a Sharpie and adhesive mailing labels, and doodle on any of the below sayings. Then just stick the mailing label directly on the box. Voila. Here are some other sayings that would work with the Wheeler’s Bourbon Praline pecans:

  • I “Wheelie” like you!
  • I “Wheelie” love you!
  • I think you are “Wheelie” awesome!
  • You make me “Wheelie” happy!
  • You are “Wheelie” special to me!
  • You are a “Wheelie” good friend/ coworker!

Valentine Day sayings

And just for fun, here is a kid version of I “wheelie” like you! So, do you ever make Valentines for the adults in your life? I’d love to hear…

More fun adult Valentines ideas: