41 Pineapple crafts

Pineapples are cute, yummy, colorful, and have a very recognizable shape! Here are 41 pineapple crafts made out of everything from spoons to champagne bottles to frosting! You can crochet a pineapple, dress up as a pineapple, and even print out free pretty pineapple art to frame and hang!
41 clever pineapple crafts

1. Favor bags

2. Balloons

3. Treat cups

4. Baby costume

Pineapple crafts

5. Pineapple planter

Pineapple crafts

6. Tiny pineapples (made out of walnuts)

7. Clock

8. Pineapple welcome gift + free printable

Pineapple crafts

9. Toddler costume

10. Fingerprint pineapple

11. String art

12. Champagne bottle turned pineapple

13. Perler bead pineapple

14. Polymer clay necklace

Pineapple crafts

15. Pineapple garland 

16. Felt bags

17. Pineapple pumpkins

Pineapple crafts

18. Party hats

19. Pineapple macaroons

20. Crochet Pineapple bunting (+ free pattern!)

Pineapple crafts

21. Real Pineapple vase

22. Lamp

23. Washi tape print

24. Free pineapple printable

Pineapple crafts

25. Pineapple potato stamp

26. Stenciled table

27. Pineapple pillow

28. Pinata

29. Treat box

30. Cutting board

pineapple cutting board

31. Pom Pom’s

32. Cake pops

33. Origami pineapple straws

34. Pineapple bunting (free printable!)

35. Pineapple glasses

pineapple glasses craft for kids

36. Hand towels

37. Pineapple crayons

38. No sew pineapple pillow

39. Cake

pineapple frosted cake

40. Pineapple invites (filled with treats!)

41. Origami

pineapple crafts




For more fun craft round up ideas, check out this page!

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Happy Birthday, Maxwell!

My baby is one, y’all.  March 23, 2015, I am officially the mother of one very determined, curious, adorable one year old! Remember when I told y’all I was pregnant, then found out I was having a boy, his black and white nursery, I almost gave birth in the car, then his first 6 months flew by and now… my baby is one. I really can’t believe it. I know everyone says it, but I’m pretty sure time flies by even faster when you are watching your tiny human grow and learn before your eyes. I seriously feel like I didn’t take enough pictures and videos when he was so little!

We had a party animal themed birthday gathering for him this past weekend, I will share the deets soon (sneak peek!). But, today I wanted to share his one year photo shoot taken by the ever awesome Laura Morsman! (She did a little photo session for us when max was 6 months old too.) The pictures were taken at Castle Hill graffiti park here in Austin. This park is exactly what it sounds like, anyone can buy cans of spray paint and graffiti the cement walls of this park. You can make the trek (it’s a little steep and rocky) to the top and check out Austin’s skyline! Since anyone can come and paint, the art is always changing and you never know what you’ll find. We stumbled upon this little gem on our trip in early March… Perfect for our birthday boy!

Maxwell 1st birthday

Laura brought the adorable chair and I made Maxwell the t-shirt!  Look at that sweet face!

Maxwell 1st birthday


Laura is great she is always willing to snap pics on the whim of any idea… I loved this little window and had to get a picture of all of us in it. This park is quirky and it wasn’t exactly easy to just hop up in the window, ha!

Maxwell 1st birthday


I brought a few little props including the monthly blocks!

Maxwell 1st birthday

And Maxwell did what he loves to do and grab the blocks as fast you can put them down!

Maxwell 1st birthday

This is probably my favorite picture of Maxwell from the whole shoot. Oh how I love my sweet baby!

Maxwell 1st birthday


Maxwell got a new mask and tail from the oh so talented, Opposite of Far! We got lots of comments on his adorable mask and tail from park patrons.  Side note: This is not a very safe park for little kids. You have to watch their every move! The park is set up with cement terraces that are each 10-12 feet tall. There are no rails or fences and its almost all cement except for this little patch of grass you see in the picture below at the very top of the park. Maxwell 1st birthday

I’m so happy that Laura got a few really cute pics of the 3 of us! I love how he is holding on to Andy’s shirt.

Maxwell 1st birthday

Oh and I love, love this pic of my little family! Maxwell thinks his tongue (and ours) are pretty neat!

Maxwell 1st birthday

And we even got photo bombed!

Maxwell 1st birthday

There are so many pictures I want to share! I’m trying to narrow it down to my very, very favorites… Tricky business. Just two more, promise!

Maxwell 1st birthday

And my favorite boys on the planet!

Maxwell 1st birthday

And just like that our baby is one. Happy birthday little dude, we love you a bajillion.

Rock your Crock: Crock Pot Pot Roast

Me and the crock pot are back with another ridiculously easy (and delicious!) recipe. (Here’s chicken verde!)  This is one of Max and Andy’s faves, Maxwell loves the carrots.  I love making crock pot pot roast because it’s so dang easy and I feel so fancy when it’s done and the house smells amazing. This is my mom’s pot roast recipe, but she always made it like a real chef in a big pan in the oven.

The easiest crock pot pot roast ever!



All you need is:

  • A pot roast (Here’s what I do: Go to the butcher section of the grocery store and tell the butcher you need the best pot roast for a crock pot.)
  • 1 can of french onion soup
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom soup
  • 2- 3 potatoes (depending on the size of the tots and your crock)
  • 1 bag of baby carrots (Maxwell loves these, so I cook way more carrots than potatoes)

I’ve heard of people searing the pot roast on the stove before they stick it in the crock pot. I do none of that. That involves dirtying another pan, no thank you.

Oh and another thing: Make sure that your pot roast is 100% defrosted before you put it in the crock pot. I thought it didn’t matter one time, and my roast was not nearly has tender as it usually is!

The easiest crock pot pot roast ever!


So, open pour half of the can of french onion soup into the bottom of your crock. Then, add a layer of carrots. Like, so:

The easiest crock pot pot roast ever!


Then, throw the pot roast in the crock and smother it in 1/2 the can of cream of mushroom soup. Like, so:

The easiest crock pot pot roast ever!


Now, you have to peel your potatoes, I know it’s kind of annoying. But, this is by far the hardest step! And your dinner is going to be amazing. I peel the tots, and cut them into bite sized pieces. Like, so:

The easiest crock pot pot roast ever!

Phew, the hard part is over. High five, friend! Now, add your potatoes around the pot roast and cover with the other 1/2 of the can of french onion soup. Then cover the top of the pot roast with as many carrots as you can. Then add the rest of the cream of mushroom soup! Put the lid on that bad boy, and set the crock for 6 hours on low.

The easiest crock pot pot roast ever!


Frolic about your day or chase a crazy 1 year old around or go to work, whatever floats your boat and come home to your house smelling amazing! Take the lid off of your crock, and shred the pot roast:

The easiest crock pot pot roast ever!


I sometimes use my rice cooker and make enough brown rice for 2 people for 2 days, and I sometimes just use the boil in a bag brown rice. One packet is the perfect serving for 2! It’s so yummy and so easy. You’re welcome.